Happy New Year 2016 From MacTrast!

Happy New Year 2016 From MacTrast!

Happy New Year 2016! Another year has passed, and it’s time to look back and reflect, while also looking forward for what comes next. We here at MacTrast would like to take this time to thank you, our readers, for supporting us for another year.

Happy New Year 2016 From MacTrast!

2015 brought us a number of great new Apple products, with the usual iPhone, iPad, and Mac releases, as well as the release of the much-anticipated Apple Watch, and the also highly-awaited iPad Pro, and fourth-generation Apple TV.

For myself, I did buy an Apple Watch, after months of convincing myself I didn’t need it, that my old Pebble did everything I needed it to. I’m so glad I was able to talk myself into buying one as an early Christmas present. (Hey honey, guess what you bought your husband for Christmas?) It’s everything I thought it would be, and more. Once my wife saw it, she had to have one too, so it was an Apple Watch Christmas all around.

While I was going to put off buying a new iPhone until the “7” came out, an encounter between my iPhone 6 Plus and a toilet put that resolution to rest, and it was off to the T-Mobile store to buy a 6s Plus. Rose Gold. Love it. 3D Touch has so much potential!

The fourth-generation Apple TV finally came to market, and while it lacked 4K video, and a much-rumored streaming television subscription package, it did boast a new tvOS operating system, and its own App Store. The new streamer has a lot of potential, and we’re looking forward to seeing what Apple does with it.

Now comes time to thank everyone that makes MacTrast what it is. First, we can’t thank you, our readers, enough for hanging in there with us. While we don’t have anywhere near the staff that some of our comrades in the business have, we do our best to keep up, and you have supported us every step along the way. We thank you for your readership, and we look forward to bringing you more great Apple related news, reviews, and how-to posts in 2016.

To our advertisers, we thank you for placing your ads on the site. You pay for the oil that keeps the gears turning smoothly in our little web engine that could.

As for my fellow MacTrastians, (MacTrastites? MacTrastifarians?): Thanks to Ian Fuchs, Chris Rauschnot, and all the rest who have contributed stories and reviews to MacTrast. We feel like 2016 is going to be a big year guys, so keep those typing fingers limber!

Last but not least, thanks to the founder of the feast, Cormac Moylan. He signs the checks, and he’s stuck with us through thick and thin.

Happy New Year, and I truly hope 2016 brings us all the peace, joy, good tidings, (and cool Apple gear), that all of us dream of.

Chris_H_Simpsonized_SmallThank You,
Chris Hauk
Senior Editor – MacTrast.com