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  • MacTrast Deals: Learn to Design 2016 Bundle – Master Web Design with 9 Courses & 57 Hours of Content

MacTrast Deals: Learn to Design 2016 Bundle – Master Web Design with 9 Courses & 57 Hours of Content

MacTrast Deals: Learn to Design 2016 Bundle – Master Web Design with 9 Courses & 57 Hours of Content

The Learn to Design 2016 Bundle will teach you to master designing for the web with 9 informative courses, containing 57 hours of training on responsive design, rapid prototyping, and more!

MacTrast Deals: Master Web Design with 9 Courses & 57 Hours on Responsive Design, Rapid Prototyping, HTML, CSS & More

Learn to Design 2016 Bundle – Master Web Design with 9 Courses & 57 Hours on Responsive Design, Rapid Prototyping, HTML, CSS & More – Just $39!

Mobile App Design in Sketch 3: Learn UX/UI From Scratch – Learn Mobile App Development By Mastering This Powerful UX/UI Tool & Key Design Principles

By Rob Percival | in eLearning


With more people than ever browsing the Web through different devices—phone apps, desktop browsers, and more—it’s important for designers to build responsive sites that look good no matter how they’re viewed. Dive into responsive design by mastering Sketch 3 and UX best practices, and consolidate your knowledge by building a full app from start to finish utilizing the principles outlined in this course.

  • Dive into responsive, mobile-first Web design w/ 6 hours of content
  • Master Sketch 3 as a design tool: work w/ layers, edit shapes, use symbols, etc.
  • Understand key UX concepts: the history of UX, user-centered design principles, etc.
  • Apply UX theory to the real world: discover target users, create personas & more
  • Create your own app: ideate, research, mock up, design, prototype & deploy it
  • Apply your newly acquired skills to build other usable, beautiful apps
  • Become a full-fledged mobile designed by course’s end

Master Web Design in Photoshop – Unlock the Potential of This Popular, Powerful Program to Burnish Your Design Skillset

By Barin Cristian Doru | in eLearning


Here’s a surefire way to increase your desirability by employers everywhere: learning and improving at professional Web design skills. Take advantage of Photoshop as a design tool, using it to apply key design principles such as how to work with white space, utilize contrast, design logos, and more. Upon finishing this course, you’ll be fully acquainted with how to create sleek, stunning designs that work as beautifully as they look.

  • Master Photoshop foundations & important web design principles w/ 9 hours of content
  • Design custom graphics & icons, then incorporate them in your work
  • Understand where to source fonts & graphics, plus how to implement them
  • Plan & wireframe website layouts that follow the principles of good design
  • Consolidate your knowledge & skills by completing 2 projects
  • Access resources like PSD files, a cheat sheet, website templates & more
  • Build impressive websites, craft a killer portfolio & accrue clients

Mobile App Design: Learn UX/UI and Start Freelancing Career – Boost Your Career Prospects & Salary with This Course on All Things UX/UI

By Deimantas Brandišauskas | in eLearning


Here’s your chance to jumpstart your career in UX/UI design, one of the hottest fields in today’s job market. You’ll learn how to go from idea to working product, doing everything from identifying potential users to creating wireframes for your app. Whether you’re developing a product you strongly believe in or strengthening your career prospects, you’re guaranteed to not only develop your UX/UI skills, but also take them to the next level.

  • Take your app idea from a mere vision to reality w/ 6 hours of content
  • Perform user research to find your target audience, then market to it
  • Learn how to plan, research, tell stories, sketch & wireframe your app’s UX
  • Use Photoshop to design your UI: use layers, create buttons & more
  • Design different pages in your app: login screen, categories screen, etc.
  • Complete assignments & take quizzes to consolidate your knowledge
  • Boost your employability & monetize your new skills

Learn to Design 2016 Bundle – Master Web Design with 9 Courses & 57 Hours on Responsive Design, Rapid Prototyping, HTML, CSS & More – Just $39!

Creating a Responsive Web Design – Ensure the Products You Build Look Great No Matter How They’re Viewed

By Chris Converse | in eLearning


Learn responsive design, and you’ll never waste hours toiling over a stunning design only for it to look distorted on a particular device. From configuring your site’s HTML content to stylizing its layout using CSS, you’ll make certain that anything you design will look good no matter the viewport.

  • Master the design of responsive websites w/ 4 hours of content
  • Prep your site’s HTML content & structure: add content, navigation, etc.
  • Use CSS to create your site’s style & layout: import fonts, define basic text styles, etc.
  • Create a menu system that’s easily navigable
  • Adjust layouts for screens of different sizes: large, medium & small
  • Make adjustments to print layouts & content

Web Design: HTML & CSS For Rookies – Master These Fundamental Programming Languages to Build Sites From Scratch

By BiteSizedSchool | in eLearning


Guided by step-by-step tutorials, you’ll become a master at crafting simple websites—setting a strong foundation for more complex sites you aspire to build. Learn how to lay out your web pages’ structures using HTML, then manipulate CSS to further stylize your site and consolidate your skills as a skilled Web developer.

  • Master Web design using HTML & CSS w/ 6 hours of content
  • Understand which code editors are effective to use
  • Utilize HTML to create tables, lists & frames
  • Use CSS to create external style sheets, build a Web layout, etc.
  • Ensure your HTML & CSS code is pristine w/ debugging tools
  • Build & style HTML forms using tables, CSS & more
  • Craft animations w/ Animate.css
  • Become an efficient & effective Web developer

Rapid Prototyping for Entrepreneurs – Build a Demo in 2 Hours – Quickly Transform an Idea into a Working Demo–No Coding Required

By Evan Kimbrell | in eLearning


No longer is building a product a tedious, time-consuming process. With rapid prototyping principles, you’ll be able to turn out a real demo of your app in just 2 short hours—valuable to you whether you’re an entrepreneur intent on launching an MVP, a product manager seeking user feedback, or more.

  • Quickly turn ideas into working demos without coding a line w/ 9 hours of content
  • Test the viability of your ideas: products, features & designs
  • Get an overview of prototyping concepts: key terms, when to use wireframes, etc.
  • Understand which prototyping tools to use
  • Formulate your strategy & define the scope of your project
  • Build a low fidelity version of your prototype: sketch it out, use templates & more
  • Handle images in Pidoco, use Balsamiq, etc.
  • Create an interactive prototype: design & polish it, create a tablet version, etc.

Learn to Design 2016 Bundle – Master Web Design with 9 Courses & 57 Hours on Responsive Design, Rapid Prototyping, HTML, CSS & More – Just $39!

Bootstrap UI Development For Everyone – Use This Potent Responsive Framework Tool to Quickly Develop Web Pages & Apps

By Brian Gorman | in eLearning


Get in on Bootstrap, one of the most widely adopted responsive frameworks for Web and device development. It’s a cost-effective, efficient tool for building web pages and apps that look good no matter how they’re viewed—regardless of device, screen size, or browser type. You’ll learn to utilize responsive grids, insert page elements, and more, mastering this essential development tool in absolutely no time.

  • Use Bootstrap to rapidly develop Web & device UIs w/ 7 hours of content
  • Install & set up key bootstrapping tools: Boostrap, jQuery, etc.
  • Work w/ a responsive grid: nest rows & columns, position them, etc.
  • Format page elements: align text, organize lists & tables, and more
  • Implement advanced page components: dropdowns, button groups, etc.
  • Insert carousels, accordions & other features using JavaScript & jQuery plugins
  • Build automation w/ Node.js & Grunt
  • Quickly build an online business presence

Learn Web Designing & HTML5/CSS3 Essentials in 4-Hours – Understand How to Structure & Stylize a Site in No Time

By Code College | in eLearning


Round out your Web design skill sets by learning to bring your Photoshop mockups to life. With this course, you’ll take PSD files and turn them into fully functional websites coded in valid HTML5 and CSS3. Whether you’re building sections of your site using HTML, or stylizing them using CSS, you’ll acquire the knowledge necessary to hand-code fully functional web pages.

  • Turn a Photoshop mockup into a semantic HTML5 & CSS3 website w/ 5 hours of content
  • Hand-code your first website in 4-hours
  • Set up your work environment: configure your folder structure, etc.
  • Code an HTML5 skeleton, header, content section & footer
  • Use CSS to add a stylesheet, style the navigation bar, etc.
  • Validate your HTML5 & CSS3

Mobile First & Responsive Web Design: Build Modern Websites! – Create Websites That Always Look Great on Mobile

By Chris Dixon | in eLearning


Considering how many people browse the Web on a mobile device, and how many different phones and tablets exist on the market—it’s imperative for you learn mobile-first, responsive Web design. Ensure your websites and apps look great on any device by mastering use of fluid grids, adding responsive features like carousels, and much more.

  • Understand what responsive design is & why it’s important w/ 5 hours of content
  • Work w/ fluid grids to craft responsive web pages
  • Build your website by wireframing designs, configuring site organization & more
  • Use jQuery plugins to implement responsive carousels & social share buttons
  • Use CSS Flexbox to easily map out & build responsive layouts
  • Utilize the Bootstrap framework, jQuery Mobile & more
  • Optimize your site’s images so that they conform to the needs of a responsive website

Learn to Design 2016 Bundle – Master Web Design with 9 Courses & 57 Hours on Responsive Design, Rapid Prototyping, HTML, CSS & More – Just $39!

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