Review: EasyClaim Total Loss Software for iOS

Review: EasyClaim Total Loss Software for iOS

If you’re hit by a tragedy, such as a tornado, fire, or other calamity, you’ll likely have a difficult time filling out all of the loss reports required by insurance companies in order to receive the proper compensation for the loss of your property. Enter indie developer, Ryan Peacock’s EasyClaim Total Loss Software 1.1 for iOS devices.

Review: EasyClaim Total Loss Software for iOS


EasyClaim allows users to quickly and easily prepare a total loss report on their iPhone or iPad, allowing them to quickly enter their basic information, (insurance company, date of loss, pertinent notes, etc.), take photos as needed with their device, edit reports as needed, and even email contractors for repair estimates, in order to gather the needed information to make an insurance claim.

Users can either create an individual login for the app, or login via Facebook. If needed photos of objects lost or damaged can be used from the device’s photo library, or taken with the device’s camera. If a photo isn’t available, or if the object is no longer available for a photo, users can also use the app’s “eBay Auto Search” feature to find items that are either identical, or similar to the items that need to be replaced. An estimated value can also be obtained via eBay, and can also be overridden if so desired.

One a report is complete, it can be exported to either Excel or PDF format, and emailed directly to the user’s insurance carrier, or contractor. The report can also be uploaded to Google Drive or DropBox.

Review: EasyClaim Total Loss Software for iOS

Luckily, I haven’t had any catastrophic losses lately, (knock on wood), so I had to come up with some projected losses, such as issue #123 of The Flash comic that I wish I had.

Entering the information for the loss was simple and quickly accomplished, searching for the issue of the Flash on eBay was also quick and easy, returning a number of results to select from. The information from eBay was quickly and accurately imported into the app.

Emailing the finished report was simple and took only moments. Reports can be exported to PDF or Excel format. Both exports worked properly, and I was able to email them, and even send them via AirDrop to my Mac, where I could view the reports. Both formats loaded cleanly, although Microsoft Excel warned me the format of the file didn’t match the extension of the file, although the file loaded and displayed properly.

Review: EasyClaim Total Loss Software for iOS


EasyClaim Total Loss Software 1.1 would likely prove itself to be a valuable tool in case of a catastrophic loss, or even in case of lesser instances such as an accident or a robbery. The app is easy to use, and entering a loss report takes only a few moments for each item. The resulting reports is easily shared with other parties, and can be printed for the user’s personal records.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

EasyClaim Total Loss Software 1.1 is FREE, and is available for iPhone and iPad devices in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]


  • Loss reports can be quickly created.
  • Entry of items to be included on an insurance claim is fast, and item value can be estimated with the help of an eBay search function.
  • Exporting and sharing of reports is a breeze.


  • Insurance Company selection is limited to a combo listing. What if a user’s insurance company isn’t on the list?


*Note: The above review was commissioned by the developer in accordance with our app review policy, and has been written in an objective, unbiased fashion.