Review: Jump Start Your Car & Charge Your Laptop With WeeGo’s 18k mAh Battery

Review: Jump Start Your Car & Charge Your Laptop With WeeGo’s 18k mAh Battery

You are stranded somewhere after trying to start your car. The battery is dead and your cell phone is too. What do you do? Smile, because you got to review WeeGo’s 18,000 mAh Jump Starter Battery+ Professional, and it’s in your emergency bag.



The WeeGo Jump Starter Battery+ Professional is small, and easy to use, yet it’s powerful enough to jump gas engines up to 9.6L and Diesel engines up to 4.8L. WeeGo knows their customers want a battery that is ready to go and therefore it is pre-charged.


The box contains:

  • Pre-charged Jump Starter Battery+ Professional
  • Jumper Cables
  • Wall & Car Chargers
  • 3-in-1 USB Charging Cord (Comes with Micro, Lightning and 30-pin connectors)
  • 8 PC-based Laptop & Device Connectors With Adapter Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Bonus Free Gift!

WeeGo impressed me with their products at a recent convention, and I have continued to be so during the testing of this unit. Fortunately, I have not yet needed to jump start my car, but this battery has been helpful during long road trips to charge high drain devices like an iPad.


The integrated lamp in the front of the battery is perfect for those times on the side of the road when an overhead street light is nowhere to be seen. Trying to replace a flat tire or hookup jumper cables sans light makes each task just that much more stressful. WeeGo’s battery lamp even has strobe and SOS functionality for other kinds of emergencies.


The last time I needed a jump for my car, it nearly cost an arm and a leg, close to $125 for a service professional to show up. Maybe your car is working fine, but you need to jumpstart a backup vehicle after it has been sitting for a while. This battery can help with that too.


Keep one in the garage and another in the car. It is rated to lose about 2% to 5% of charge each month, that is less than what other rechargeable battery packs lose.


I have been in situations where a boat engine or snowmobile would not start after sitting for a while. Too bad I did not have a WeeGo Jump Starter Battery+ Professional with me. The group I was with would have saved over an hour to get each started.


Two regular sized USB ports are included on the side with the lamp. One port provides 1A and the other 2A of power. Turn the battery over and circular charging ports are available to power devices like laptops that may need 12v or 19v. The package comes with popular charging tips for multiple portable computer brands.


When it comes time to charge the Jump Starter Battery+ Professional, the package contains a CLA car and wall chargers. Need a Lightning tip or a 30-pin connector to power an old iPod WeeGo includes those too. They have included more accessories in this package than a majority of brands do that I have seen.


From Diesel engines to laptops, the WeeGo Jump Starter Battery+ Professional 18,000 mAh can power nearly all of them. To say it is versatile is an understatement. Getting stranded without someone to jump your battery is never good. Waiting for more than an hour for the auto club to come and help is similarly unfortunate. Skip either situation with this battery.

Final Thoughts


Independently tested, the solid design of the WeeGo jump-starting 18k battery is built to last. Its 2% to 5% of discharge per month means that you could charge it right before winter or summer and have it ready to go whenever.

As a high capacity portable battery, it can provide a full iPad charge via its 2A port and still have enough juice left to power a dead smartphone multiple times. Laptop batteries have been getting better, but buying an extra one for about the same price as the WeeGo does not make sense. Get this one to power so many more gadgets.

Rating: 5/5

Price: $199.00 – Available directly from the WeeGo website.


  • Comes pre-charged
  • Cables Included
  • 18 Month Warranty
  • Comes With A Free Gift


  • None observed


Disclosure: WeeGo sent a Jump Starter Battery+ Professional at no cost for review. I have not been compensated for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos are courtesy of WeeGo.

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