Artist Anca Barbu’s Handmade iPhone Cases Offer an Artistic Experience

Artist Anca Barbu’s Handmade iPhone Cases Offer an Artistic Experience

Artist Anca Barbu has turned to a new palette to express her creativity, iPhone cases. Barbu has created a customized line of handmade, iconic cases for the discerning iPhone-toting art aficionado. The Bucharest, Romania-born artist’s website, “Brush Cases,” offers a way for her to share her artistry with the masses, offering everything from classic landscapes, to flags, to iconic images such as Marilyn Monroe and Hello Kitty.



Barbu moved to the United States in 1999, and was the subject of her first solo art show at the tender age of 20. She has since been featured in more than 12 galleries along the east coast. She relocated to Miami in 2013, and has connected with the city in such a way that she considers it as her creative muse.

“Living in Miami, with its vibrant atmosphere and diversity of colors is a constant inspiration,” says Barbu.  “It has been an honor to my work displayed in galleries around the world, and the praise I’ve received as an artist is humbling, but the greatest flattery has been seeing my artwork displayed by everyday people right in their hands.”


Brush Cases offers Barbu an innovative and popular medium in which she can share her works with members of the public, many of who might never darken the door of any Miami art gallery. Barbu also offers customized cases, for a one-of-a-kind experience. For more information about Brush Cases for the iPhone, visit the Brush Cases website.