How To: Flip Your Apple Watch for a Better Experience

How To: Flip Your Apple Watch for a Better Experience

Most Apple Watch users know that their wearable is designed to be worn on either arm, allowing it to be used easily by righties or lefties. (No not your politics, although I suppose that applies too…)

But, did you know that even if you’re a righty, and wear your Watch on your left arm, you might want to consider “flipping” your Apple Watch so the crown is on the left side? You just might find out that flipping your Apple Watch will result in a better ergonomic experience.

How To: Flip Your Apple Watch for a Better Experience

Flipping your Apple Watch, so the Digital Crown is on the left side, (or right side if you wear it on the right wrist), allows you to use your thumb to scroll the Digital Crown, and use your index finger to brace the Watch while tapping the buttons on the left side. Also, you likely won’t find yourself taking accidental snapshots of your Watch’s screen when bending at the wrist, or drying your hands. (This happened to me a lot.)

One last benefit you might notice, is that since the speaker and microphone on the Watch are now facing you, listening to sounds, and Siri speech recognition might just work a bit better.

Flipping Your Apple Watch

How To: Flip Your Apple Watch for a Better Experience
  1. First, flip the band on your Apple Watch so that the band is on the opposite way. This will bring the Digital Crown around to the left side when you wear it. (Or you can simply buckle or fasten the Watch band in the opposite way you usually do, it’s up to you.)
  2. Now, tap the “Watch” apps icon on your iPhone to enter the app.
  3. Tap the “General” menu option.
  4. Scroll until you see the “Watch Orientation” menu option. Tap that.
  5. Tap the side you want your Digital Crown to be on. (In this case, we’ll tap on “Digital Crown on Left Side.”) You’ll likely be leaving the Wrist option set to its current setting.

That’s all it takes. if you take a peek at your Apple Watch, the display should be right side up, and your Watch’s Digital Crown will be on the left hand side.

If you wear your Watch on your right wrist, the steps are similar to those above, but leave the Apple Watch set to “Right Wrist,” and tap “Digital Crown on Right Side.”

This takes a bit of getting used to, but my wife and I both have flipped our Apple Watches, and find the overall user experience to be much improved. However, if you try it and don’t like it, simply set the Watch orientation settings back to their original selections, and flip your Watch back around on your wrist.

  1. DMacB says:

    Along with not pressing them with your wrist by accident, I would imagine it feels better to press the buttons with your thumb, like you would use the home button on the phone.

    1. Chris Hauk Chris Hauk says:

      You are correct, I find it much more comfortable. The overall experience has definitely been improved for me after “flipping.”

  2. der Jeff™ says:

    Love the watch band. What’s the brand?

    Nice tip as well, lol

  3. Sergey Karchmit says:

    I have taken a few accidental screenshots, but I prefer to having the crown on the side where my other hand is using it, not going further down my hand. I feel like its more comfortable.

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