Review: Rokit Boost Chill Headphones for Kids – Small Heads, Safe Ears

Review: Rokit Boost Chill Headphones for Kids – Small Heads, Safe Ears

So your kids love putting on their headphones and going off into their own world. Whether it be movies, games, or music; kids love putting on the cans and cranking up the volume. Rokit Boost Chill Headphones offer parents a way to ensure that their offspring will protect their hearing from a too-loud sound source.

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The Rokit Boost Chill Headphones are comfortable, volume-limited, on-ear headphones designed specifically for use by young children. While designed with the small-fry in mind, Chills are adjustable, so they can be used by your offspring well into their teens. They are also nice looking, and don’t have a “this is for kids” look to them, so teens won’t ming being seen with them on. (Or adult reviewers, for that matter.)

Chill headphones are available in three colors: red, black, and pink. Their styling looks quite “grown up,” so kids won’t mind wearing them, even as they go through their “I’m NOT a little kid anymore!” phases.

The Chill’s appear to be durable, and well made. They look as if they’ll stand up to punishment well enough to give you at least a few years of service, which considering the punishment kids can put their stuff through, is quite an accomplishment.


While the appearance and durability of the Chill’s are admirable, let’s face it, most parents are going to be considering these headphones for one reason, protecting their child’s hearing from loud noise.

Chill headphones are volume limited. No matter how far a user tries to crank these puppies up, they refuse to “go to 11.” Actually, the Chill’s probably come in somewhere around an hearing-friendly “4” or “5”. (Rokit Boost officially says they’re limited to 85db. That’s somewhere around the sound of city traffic while riding in a car. Normal conversation comes in at around 60db.) If your kids don’t respond to your calls after taking a set of Chills off of their ears, they’re not going deaf, they’re just ignoring you.

While the headphones are volume limited, they still do a good job of supplying immersive and entertaining sound. I listened to various entertainment sources while trying them out, and was impressed by the sound reproduction of these reasonably priced headphones. The inline volume control allowed easy adjustment of the volume, but not TOO loud, of course! (Chill’s also include a built-in microphone, just the thing for private video chats with the Grandparents!)

The adjustments available on the Chill’s also made them comfortable, even on my fat head. The padded earpieces make them comfortable to wear, without any type of sweaty ear syndrome.



If you have children that love to listen to music, play games, and watch movies, the Rokit Boost Chill Headphones are highly recommended as an option for you. They do a great job of reproducing excellent sound, while their volume-limiting function helps protect young ears.

The Chill’s attractive and durable design will allow their use by the young ones well up into their teens, or even by Mom or Dad, when they can’t find their own headphones and need a quick iPhone Netflix fix.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Price: $24.99 – Includes Free Shipping, available at the Chill Headphones website. Also available from Amazon for $24.99 with Free Prime Shipping.


  • Protect’s children’s hearing with built-in volume limiting
  • Stylish, in fun colors, so kids will love to wear them
  • Even teens won’t mind being seen in these
  • Adjustable, so parents can sneak a use in every now and then too!
  • The price is quite reasonable


  • Needs to be available in more colors. Kids don’t like being limited in choices

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Disclaimer: Rokit Boost sent me the Chill headphones at no cost for review. I have not been compensated for the review. All thoughts and opinions are mine.