Apple Bumps 13-inch MacBook Air’s Standard RAM to 8GB

Apple Bumps 13-inch MacBook Air’s Standard RAM to 8GB

While the big news from Apple today was the update of their 12-inch MacBook with faster processors, improved graphics, and a rose gold color option; Apple also gave a tiny bit of love to their 13-inch MacBook Air.

Apple Bumps 13-inch MacBook Air's Standard RAM to 8GB

Apple announced, (as part of the 12-inch MacBook update press release), that its two 13-inch MacBook Air configurations now ship with 8GB of RAM as standard, beginning today.

Previous generations of the 13-inch models of Apple ultralight notebook boasted a mere 4GB of RAM, with the 8GB configuration available as an upgrade option. The 11-inch models will continue to have 4GB of RAM as a component of their base configurations.

Apple hasn’t made any other upgrades to its mid-range MacBook Air lineup recently, as rumors persist that it will soon see the chopping block, as it currently sits in a virtual no-man’s land in between the 12-inch MacBook, and the more powerful MacBook Pro lineup. Today’s announcement won’t do much to dispel that belief, coming as it did, buried in the 12-inch macBook press release.


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