iMessage Issues Sporadically Affecting Users

iMessage Issues Sporadically Affecting Users

A number of iMessage users Thursday are complaining of issues with getting messages delivered in iMessage. While the issue appears to be widespread, it also appears to be a sporadic one, not affecting everyone every time. As we went to press, the issue may have been fixed.

iMessage Issues Sporadically Affecting Users

While Apple’s System Support page shows green for all services, the page does note the following:


When sending a message to someone, the message may not have shown as delivered, even when the message had been delivered.

The page currently shows the issue as having been fixed.

A number of issues are being reported by users. There is the issue mentioned by Apple, where the messages are shown as not delivered, but actually has gone through. While other users report their iMessages are defaulting back to text messages. Other users report issues with images or other attachments not sending.

We here at MacTrast, and other users we’ve contacted, didn’t experience any issues, but some of our readers did report problems, as seen above. While the issue has allegedly been fixed, please let us know if you’re still experiencing issues.

(First noticed by 9to5Mac)