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Apple’s ‘Reimagined and Redesigned’ Support Site Goes Live

Apple’s ‘Reimagined and Redesigned’ Support Site Goes Live

Apple has updated their support site to offer a revamped look and feel, offering several different sections on the front page, broken down by product, a prominent quick search bar, popular topics, and more. The new design is designed to work well with mobile browsers.

Apple's 'Reimagined and Redesigned' Support Site Goes Live

As a user types in the quick search bar, the site begins to offer results on the fly, offering a faster way to find the information the user is looking for. Below the quick search bar, the second area of the page offers quick links to information categorized by product. Below that, the third section offers “Popular Topics,” such as Taking and Managing Photos, or how to Manage an Apple ID.

The next section offers a link to the Apple Support Communities, where users can interact with other Apple users to discuss issues they my be having. That’s followed by a section devoted to links to check warranty and repair status, and how to contact Apple Support, both via the website, and via the Apple Support Twitter account.

Finally, the last two sections offer links to in-store Apple Workshops, and also offer links to recall and replacement programs. Apple has recently been making moves to improve their support to customers, recently going live with an Apple Support Twitter account that offers tips, tricks, and customer assistance.