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Apple Debuts iOS 10 – Opens Siri to Developers, Improved Messages App, Much More

Apple Debuts iOS 10 – Opens Siri to Developers, Improved Messages App, Much More

Apple held their Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 on Monday, and during the event’s Keynote Address, they previewed iOS 10 to developers. The new mobile operating system brings new features to Siri, iMessages, Maps, Photos, Apple Music, and more. The new OS also opens more of the system’s abilities to developers.

Apple Debuts iOS 10 - Opens Siri to Developers, Improved Messages App, Much More


Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant, gets a number of new abilities in iOS 10, not the least of which is the ability for developers to build on Siri’s abilities by allowing their apps to interact directly with the assistant. Using SiriKit, developers can design their apps to work with Siri for messaging, phone calls, photo search, ride booking, personal payments and workouts, and more. Siri can also control CarPlay apps, access climate controls and even adjust radio settings within automaker’s apps.


iOS 10 adds animated and more personalized ways to message your contacts, offering powerful animation features, able to cover an entire screen. users can send balloons, confetti or fireworks in a message to celebrate a special occasion. Users can also make use of “invisible ink” to send a surprise message that is only revealed when the recipient swipes their finger over it. Users can also send personalized handwritten messages, and automatic emoji suggestions make using emoji more fun than ever. The new app also offers quick responses with just a tap, and rich links allow recipients to view content inline, including video and music.

Apple Debuts iOS 10 - Opens Siri to Developers, Improved Messages App, Much More

Also available in iOS 10 is an iMessages App Store, which will offer developers a way to create fun ways for users to communicate, including stickers, the ability to personalize GIFs, send payments, or schedule a date, all without ever leaving Messages.


iOS 10 Maps gets a new design, and opens up to developers via new extensions, allowing apps such as OpenTable to integrate table reservations right into the Maps app. Users can even book an Uber ride without leaving the Maps app.

Maps will offer new intelligence, that offers proactive directions and recommendations based on your routine, and any scheduled appointments you may have. Once a route is planned, Maps can search the route for gas stations, coffee shops and other points of interest, and even provide an estimate of how such a stop might impact your arrival time.


iOS 10 Photos will offer “Memories,” a new feature to help users rediscover occasions by scanning all of their photos and videos, forgotten events, trips, and more and present them in a collection. Memory Movie can create an automatically edited movie, featuring music, titles, and cinematic transitions.

Apple Debuts iOS 10 - Opens Siri to Developers, Improved Messages App, Much More

Home App

The Home app will offer a secure and simple way to setup, manage and control your smarthome from one place. Accessories can be managed in a group or individually. By grouping them, a user can set up a “I’m home” scene, which would adjust the thermostat, open the garage door, turn on specified lights, and unlock the door to the house, all at once.

The app expands on HomeKit, which nearly 100 home automation products currently support.

Apple Music

Apple Music gets a new design in iOS 10. A new structure makes it easier to navigate and discover music, with completely redesigned Library, For You, Browse and Radio tabs. A new Search tab makes it easier than ever to find music, and the new For You tab is broken down into distinct sections to make it easier to find news and subscriptions.

iOS Experience

If you’re like me, and hate that pressing your Home Button on your iPhone 6s/6s Plus unlocks the phone so quickly you can see what’s on your notifications screen, you’ll like the new Raise to Wake feature. It allows your iPhone to wake up automatically when you raise the device, allowing you to get a look at your notifications.

Notifications, the Today View, and Control Center are all available with a press or a swipe, and 3D Touch integration makes it easier to interact with apps.


Apple Pay will now be available for purchases on participating websites using iOS 10’s built-in Safari browser.

Siri intelligence allows new QuickType features, including contextual predictions to surface relevant information based on location, calendar availability or contacts; and predictive typing supports multiple languages without switching keyboards.

Safari will offer split-view on the iPad, allowing the viewing of two websites side-by-side.

The iPhone will offer integration for third-party VoIP calls, voicemail transcription, and a new Caller ID extension for Spam alerts.


Developers can get their hands on the Developer Preview version of iOS 10 today, while public beta users will be allowed to download it in July. It will be available to all users this fall as a free update.


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