Facebook Video Could be Next up for T-Mobile’s Binge On Program

Facebook Video Could be Next up for T-Mobile’s Binge On Program

T-Mobile’s Binge On program, where T-Mobile customers can view 480p video from a number of popular video streaming service without it counting against their monthly data cap, has proved extremely popular. Now, a Re/code report from Thursday says Facebook video could be the next streaming service added to the list.

Facebook Video Could be Next up for T-Mobile's Binge On Program


The two companies have been working for some time, sources said, to add Facebook video to the list of services that T-Mobile supports. In exchange for the unlimited video streaming that comes with Binge On, customers agree to view video sent over the cellular network in less-than-HD quality.

The report indicates that while the legal details have been worked out, there is still some technical work to do on Facebook’s end of things.

While T-Mobile has been open to including all interested parties in Binge On, it requires some technical work on the part of video services to make sure their video streams are identified to T-Mobile’s system. That work is still ongoing with Facebook, sources said.

The move will be particularly beneficial to Facebook, as the service continues to put more emphasis on video content. The service is pushing their new live video service, and the ability for a good amount of their users to be able to view video without it counting against their data cap can only help the adoption of such a service.

As is normal in these types of reports, spokespeople for both Facebook and T-Mobile declined to comment.