Sling TV Now Offers ‘Orange’ and ‘Blue’ Service Tiers, More Channels

Sling TV Now Offers ‘Orange’ and ‘Blue’ Service Tiers, More Channels

Thursday saw an announcement from streaming television provider Sling TV that it was making a number of changes to its service, adding several new channels, and splitting its subscriptions into two tiers, consisting of “Orange,” and “Blue” tiers. The Blue tier offers the up-til-now-in-beta multi-streaming support.

Sling TV Now Offers 'Orange' and 'Blue' Service Tiers, More Channels


Orange is mostly the same as the previous base service, costing $20 month for 28 channels, which can only be streamed on one device at a time. Blue costs an extra $5, but bundles 43 channels with an emphasis on Fox and NBC content, and the ability to stream on three different devices.

Sling launched a beta of a multi-stream plan in April, which, at the time, it charged $20 for, which included a different channel selection, but fewer channels that what the newly announced Blue tier now has.

Sling subscribers can partake of both the Orange and Blue content for $40 per month, but will still need to pay extra for such add-ons as Epix, HBO, and Cinemax.

The new NBC network content joins other new channels such as Syfy, Bravo, USA, BBC America, and some of Comcast’s regional Sportsnet channels. Sling now offers expanded content of interest to a Latino audience, which includes Cuban and Puerto Rican material. The Latino content is also available as a $10 standalone service.

Special Apple TV Discount Deal

Sling now offers an app for the fourth-generation Apple TV, it is also running a special to encourage Apple TV adoption of the app, where customers who are willing to prepay for three months of Sling can get an Apple TV for just $89.