Enjoy the 2016 Olympics With These Official Rio 2016 Apps from the App Store

Enjoy the 2016 Olympics With These Official Rio 2016 Apps from the App Store

The 2016 Olympic Games are underway in Rio De Janeiro, and fans will want to visit the iOS App Store to check out the special “Rio 2016” Section and grab all of the official Rio 2016 apps, and games.

Enjoy the 2016 Olympics With these Official Rio 2016 Apps form the App Store

The Olympics unite the world in celebration of struggle and triumph. They’re where legends are born and impossible feats come true. With the official apps, games and music, you can follow the excitement of this year’s events — and relive the glory again and again.

The new section offers three official apps offering information about the games, and two games aimed at younger Olympics fans to help them get ready for the games.

  • Rio 2016: Get the official schedule, real-time results, medal counts, and the latest on Olympic and Paralympic sports.
  • Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Go for gold against other players in six fast-action minigames, including tennis and archery.
  • Rio 2016: Vinicius Run: Dash through colorful forests and beaches as Vinicius, Rio’s cheerful mascot. How far can you get?

U.S. fans can view live coverage of the games via the NBC Sports app on both iOS and AppleTV. Viewers in the U.K. can follow the action on the BBC Sports app on both iOS and Apple TV, while Canadian fans can catch the latest on the games via the CBC app for iOS.

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