Internet Archive Now Offers Over 2,000 Amiga Games, Playable in Your Browser (UPDATED)

Internet Archive Now Offers Over 2,000 Amiga Games, Playable in Your Browser (UPDATED)

(UPDATE) – Unfortunately, the Amiga games have been removed from the Internet Archive.

For a few years, from the late ’80s through the early ’90s, the Amiga computer was the home computer serious gamers flocked to. Now, the Internet Archive is making it possible to play over 2,000 of the great games that were available for Commodore’s graphics powerhouse, right in your web browser.

Internet Archive Now Offers Over 2,000 Amiga Games, Playable in Your Browser

The Verge:

There are more than 2,000 games online, including classics such as Bubble Bobble, R Type, and Double Dragon. However, our searching couldn’t find a number of well-loved Amiga titles, such as Elite, Cannon Fodder, and The Secret of Monkey Island (all of which were available on other platforms as well). There are also thousands more applications and demo titles, designed to shown off the hardware’s capabilities, though, of course, we’ve not had time to look through them all.

As a former Amiga owner, I can tell you this is quite an impressive collection of titles, and I highly recommend taking a lunch hour or two to check out this cornucopia of games. (My personal favorites include the Batman, Indianapolis 500, Bubble Bobble, and Lemmings titles.) While the graphics may seem a bit lame nowadays, when the Amiga was around, very few computers or game consoles came close to its abilities for both graphics and stereo sound.

The Internet Archive offers an amazing collection of apps for a number of classic computers, as well as video games, (including a really nice Atari collection), movies, television shows, books, and more. The more you dig, the more treasures you’ll find. Check it out, you’re sure to find a childhood memory buried in there somewhere!


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