iPhone 7 Extra ‘Speaker Grille’ Could House a Microphone

iPhone 7 Extra ‘Speaker Grille’ Could House a Microphone

While a number of reports have indicated Apple is replacing the space formerly used by the 3.5mm speaker jack with a second speaker on the upcoming iPhone 7, a new report indicates the area could house a microphone.

iPhone 7 Extra 'Speaker Grille' Could House a Microphone

A new design drawing, posted by French website NWE suggests the additional holes could simply be of a cosmetic nature, intended to give the bottom edge a symmetrical design. The text in the drawing indicates the area contains a microphone and microphone mesh, not a speaker, as first believed. The iPhone already uses bottom-mounted speakers, and the iPhone SE already sports a false speaker grille layout on the bottom…

As usual, the authenticity of the schematics can’t be confirmed, so take this the same way you have previous rumor posts, with a grain of salt-free seasoning, and perhaps a swallow of Pepto-Bismol to ease the indigestion of trying to digest one too many rumors.

We’ll know for sure in about a month or so what the new iPhone holds for us all. Apple is widely expected to announce the new iPhones on September 7, followed shortly by pre-orders, likely on September 9th, then the devices should start hitting the shelves of your local Apple Store on the 16th. As usual, we’ll cover all the happenings right here, so stay tuned!