Kanex ‘GoPower Watch’ MFi-Certified Portable Battery for Apple Watch Now Available

Kanex ‘GoPower Watch’ MFi-Certified Portable Battery for Apple Watch Now Available

Kanex has released its GoPower Watch, which is one of the first MFi-certified portable batteries available for the Apple Watch. The cordless, portable charging solution offers 1A/3.70V of charging, via a 4,000 mAh lithium-ion battery. The GoPower can charge an Apple Watch up to six times before requiring a charge itself. The GoPower Watch is available for $99.95.

Kanes 'GoPower Watch' MFi-Certified Portable Battery for Apple Watch Now Available

The GoPower Watch includes a built-in magnetic charging puck, which is the same one that is included with the purchase of an Apple Watch. It also includes a USB port to allow users to simultaneously charge their iPhone via a Lightning cable. The accessory’s pass-through charging feature when connected to power via its Micro-USB port, charges any connected Apple device first, before charging the battery pack itself.

It should be noted that, as might be expected charging the larger battery of your iPhone will quickly deplete the battery in the GoPower, allowing for 1 to 2 charges of your iPhone, depending on its model.

Charging of an Apple Watch or iPhone is engaged by pressing the button on the front of the GoPower Watch unit. An LED indicator offers a quick look at battery levels and charging status.

As previously mentioned, the GoPower Watch is one of the first available MFi-certified Apple Watch chargers available. Before Apple announces plans to offer an MFi-certified program for Apple Watch chargers via its Made-for-iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch (MFi) licensing program, Apple Watch accessory makers were forced to require users to supply their own Apple Watch charging cable for any stands or other charging solution they offered.

GoPower Watch is available only in Space Gray, and is available for $99.95 on the Kanex website and Amazon.