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  • MacTrast Deals: The Ultimate Mac Cyber Security Bundle Offers 7 Top-Rated Security Apps

MacTrast Deals: The Ultimate Mac Cyber Security Bundle Offers 7 Top-Rated Security Apps

MacTrast Deals: The Ultimate Mac Cyber Security Bundle Offers 7 Top-Rated Security Apps

Keep your Mac and your data safe with The Ultimate Mac Cyber Security Bundle. it contains 7 top-rated security apps, including a VPN app, video surveillance, a keyboard logger, online storage, and more!

The Ultimate Mac Cyber Security Bundle MF

The Ultimate Mac Cyber Security Bundle: Fort Knox Will Take Notes On Your Mac After You’ve Installed These 7 Top-Rated Security Apps – Only $49.99!

VPN Land: 1-Yr Subscription

Keep Your Data Safe from Prying Eyes with Premier Internet Security

There’s no time like the present to start protecting your data from hackers and nosy advertisers. VPN Land is a private piece of Internet where you can browse freely and securely while utilizing over 400 reliable servers. Use VPN Land’s speedy service on desktop and mobile platforms all over the world, and you’ll never browse unprotected again.

  • Avoid geo-location restrictions to watch media content like Hulu & Netflix anywhere
  • Mask your IP address while you surf the Internet
  • Browse the web without risking information or identity theft
  • Access blocked websites
  • Use VoIP applications like Skype
  • Enjoy speedy connections wherever you are
  • Utilize the service on mobile platforms

Periscope Pro 3 Video Surveillance for Mac

Use This Premium Mac App & Your Mac’s Built-In Camera to Keep an Eye on Your Home, Kids & More

Want to monitor your home while on vacation, or your kids if you have to leave them for a bit? Simply plug in your camera, or use the Mac’s built in one, and Periscope Pro will keep you in the loop. This powerful app allows you to keep an eye on any setting giving you much-needed peace of mind and security.

4/5 Stars, MacWorld

  • Monitor or record any setting w/ your Mac’s camera or standalone IP camera
  • Take advantage of features like motion detection, video/sound recording & clip uploading
  • Utilize different modes: Motion Detection, Audio Detection, etc.
  • Hide app from Mac users for covert monitoring
  • Set sensitivity level: ignore or detect small movements
  • Store clips on your Mac & upload them to Dropbox for easy viewing
  • Troubleshoot issues w/ 24/7 support response in 30 minutes or less

Koofr 100GB Plan: 1-Yr Subscription

Access All Files Across Your Cloud & Personal Storage in One Place

If you’re going nuts trying to keep track of all your files across your hard drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more, you’ll love Koofr. This premium app lets you connect all your cloud accounts and personal storage, consolidating all your files in one place. You’ll be able to find any of your photos, videos, and documents with no trouble, free up hard drive space, and rest assured knowing your files are encrypted and backed up for maximum protection.

  • Connect multiple cloud accounts & personal storages
  • Access all your photos, videos & documents in one place
  • Synchronize the information across different devices
  • Free up space on your hard drive
  • Spend less time searching for files in all your clouds & devices
  • Automatically back up your phone data & synchronize it to your computers
  • Secure your files w/ SSL/TLS & server-side encryption
  • Delete any files without worrying about leaving copies behind

The Ultimate Mac Cyber Security Bundle: Fort Knox Will Take Notes On Your Mac After You’ve Installed These 7 Top-Rated Security Apps – Only $49.99!

Mac App Blocker

Effectively Control How Your Mac Apps Are Used

There are many ways to secure your data, but did you know you can also protect your Mac apps from unauthorized usage? With Mac App Blocker, you can password protect all of your apps so only you choose who accesses them. Share a computer with co-workers, family members, or just have a lot of guests? No problem, Mac App Blocker keeps your privacy private.

4/5 Stars, MacUpdate

  • Set a schedule for each, or all, apps to allow unblocked usage for specific days & times
  • Record failed attempts to access apps on the date & time
  • Works natively w/ the apps & settings you already use
  • Automatically exit inactive apps after the elapsed time expires
  • Hide app icons & use fake error messages so a user won’t know an app is blocked
  • Control when & how apps are used

Mac Internet Security X9: 1-Yr Subscription

Macs Need Antivirus Software, Too, And This Award-Winning Antivirus – Firewall Duo Is The One For You

Contrary to popular myth, Macs need antivirus protection just like any other computer. Mac Internet Security X9 combines two powerful antivirus softwares, VirusBarrier and NetBarrier, to shield against OS X and Windows malware that can steal your personal information. Designed specifically for Mac OS X, this award-winning antivirus software is the one to keep your Mac safe.

  • Real-time antivirus protection automatically scans your Mac 24/7
  • Protects against not only existing Mac threats, but PC-based malware as well
  • Straightforward, unobtrusive interface lets you monitor your Mac’s health simply
  • Scans & detects malicious files received on iOS devices when plugged into your computer

Sticky Password Premium: 1-Yr Subscription

This PC Mag Favorite Lets You Secure Your Passwords & Private Information In A Single, Military-Level Secured Central Location

Realistically, how many passwords do you have? Does way too many sound about right? Well, unfortunately, your internet security really does depend on having way too many passwords. Which is why Sticky Password Premium is so useful. This award-winning password manager and form-filler remembers your passwords and enters them automatically wherever and whenever you need them. You can keep your passwords stored in a single location, secured by AES-256 encryption, and get rid of that giant notebook you’ve been keeping them in.

4/5 Stars, CNET
PC Mag Editors’ Choice

  • Remember just your Master Password to access all your passwords & personal data
  • Generate extra-strong new passwords whenever you need them
  • Store your credit card numbers securely for express checkout
  • Secure your data using military-grade encryption, state-of-the-art biometric authentication & password database auto-lock
  • Backup your data to the Cloud

Elite Keylogger Pro

Track All Activities on Your Computer with the Premier Keystroke Logger For Mac

If you share your Mac with other people and want the lowdown on how they use it, you need Elite Keylogger Pro. The premier personal monitoring software for Mac, Elite Keylogger Pro will help you safeguard usage of your home or office computer, protect your loved ones and co-workers from online threats, and ensure you know exactly what’s occurring on your device at all times.

  • Discretely track activities on your computer
  • Record chats, emails, passwords, clipboard copying, screenshots & more
  • Receive daily email reports as to computer activity
  • Monitor IM chats on iMessage, Skype, Viber, etc.
  • Understand how other people use your computer
  • Monitor online browsing & social networking to guard against predators, hackers, etc.

The Ultimate Mac Cyber Security Bundle: Fort Knox Will Take Notes On Your Mac After You’ve Installed These 7 Top-Rated Security Apps – Only $49.99!