New iPad Pro Ad Asks the Question, ‘What is a Computer?’

New iPad Pro Ad Asks the Question, ‘What is a Computer?’

Apple has released a new ad for the iPad Pro, entitled “What is a Computer? The 30-second spot shows off the iPad Pro and its Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil accessories. The ad is part of an effort to get users to look at the iPad Pro as a full-fledged laptop replacement.

New iPad Pro Ad Asks the Question, 'What is a Computer?'

“Just when you think you know what a computer is, you see a keyboard that can just get out of the way. And a screen you can touch… and even write on. When you see a computer that can do all that, it might just make you wonder hey, what else can it do?”

The new spot shows the the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard being used with the Pro and also demonstrates a few iPad-specific multitasking features such as Slide Over multitasking and picture-in-picture video playback.

The ad ends with the tagline: “Imagine what your computer could do, if your computer was an iPad Pro.”

While tablets have historically been viewed as a consumption device, Apple is attempting to position the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement. The above ad, plus Apple’s iPad Pro page on their website, strives to push the Pro as an actual computer, instead of just a supplemental device.

While it is true that both the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pros both offer desktop level performance with their advanced processor and graphics capabilities, a number of users may still find the iOS operating system to be a bit of a hindrance to using it as a full-blown replacement for their laptops.