T-Mobile Announces ‘T-Mobile ONE’ Unlimited Everything Plan

T-Mobile Announces ‘T-Mobile ONE’ Unlimited Everything Plan

Hot on the heels of AT&T’s announcement about their revamped data buckets, T-Mobile has announced their new T-Mobile ONE plan, offering unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data for $70 per month. Users can add a second line for $50 per month, and up to six more lines can be added for another $20 per month each. (With Auto Pay.)

T-Mobile Announces 'T-Mobile ONE' Unlimited Everything Plan

T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) is at it again. With its 12th iconic Un-carrier move, the renegade wireless company today smashed the biggest wireless barrier yet – the data plan. Declaring his company was going “ALL IN on Unlimited,” T-Mobile CEO and president John Legere surprised the wireless industry this morning with a video blog unveiling the move and redefining the very core of wireless service – the old, tired data plan.

There are a few “gotchas” to the plan. Unlimited video is limited to 480p standard definition for all services. it’ll cost you another $25 per month per line for unlimited HD video. Tethering on the new plan is limited to 2G speeds, unless you want to spring an extra $15 bucks per month to get 5GB of high-speed tethering.

As a comparison, the magenta network’s existing Simple Choice plan offers unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data for $95 per month and that includes unlimited HD video and 14GB of LTE tethering. The carrier notes customers using the most data, (the highest 3%), could see their data prioritized behind other users once they use more than 26GB of data per month.

T-Mobile ONE includes the following “Un-Carrier” benefits:

Tablet users can add their tablet to T-Mobile ONE for just $20 per tablet per month, and that gives them unlimited LTE on that device too. The carrier says that’s the nation’s first and only unlimited LTE data offer for tablets.

T-Mobile ONE will be available for postpaid customers nationwide on September 6th. The carrier says prepaid customers will get access to the plan at a later date. For more information, visit the T-Mobile website.