Review: AtomicX W203 Bluetooth Headphones

Review: AtomicX W203 Bluetooth Headphones

I wouldn’t consider myself a headphone snob by any means, and years of blasting loud music, marching band in high school, and playing drums in a very crappy band in college have most likely damaged my hearing to some extent. Regardless, I love listening to music, and can appreciate a solid sounding, comfortable, and affordable pair of headphones, like the AtomicX W203 from our friends at iDeaUSA.


The AtomicX W203 Bluetooth Headphones from iDeaUSA ($69.99 on Amazon) are comfortable, cost-conscious on-ear headphones. Offering rich sound, wireless or wired connectivity, and collapsible design for easy portability, they are a great option for moving to wireless headphones, regardless of your use case.


The W203s are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Constructed of (mostly) plastic, they offer a light weight body and soft, padded ear pads. Just above each ear cup is a small hinge, allowing you to fold the W203s and stash them in the included carrying pouch. I’ve been carrying these in my backpack as I go to and from work, in my gym bag when I workout, and – while they have taken a bit of a beating – they haven’t shown any signs of stress, strain, or cracking.

Speaking of the gym, one of my two big tests for headphones is how they handle the background noise at the gym. The W203s aren’t noise cancelling or noise isolating, but thanks to their cushioned ear cups, they do a great job of blocking out most background noise – including music, talking, clanging weights, and the like.

Another big background noise test, for me, is mowing the lawn. I’m happy to report that the W203s were able to attenuate the sounds of the lawn mower enough that I could comfortably hear the music or podcasts I listened to while cutting the grass.

W203 Headphones on Grass

As far as listening goes, I did a decent mix of wired and wireless testing. When listening over a wired connection, the on-ear play/pause and volume controls don’t function, which is a bummer. Over wireless, a small, Home-Button-sized divot on the right ear offers quick play/pause (and answer/end for phone calls) control. On the back side of that ear, an up and down rocker control volume with a click, and can also be used to skip ahead or back with a short hold.

Audio quality – to my ears – was essentially identical when playing wired or wireless, regardless of what I was listening to. Audiophiles may feel different, but to me, both offered a consistently pleasing stream of sound, without significant processing or equalization. In my tests, I listened to a wide range of content. Rock music maintained clear guitar, drums, bass, and vocals, while electronic and rap offered rich, deep bass, without suffering from muddy synths. Spoken audio, like podcasts, offered clear enunciation, and sounded full and natural (Yes, I know podcasts are typically low-bit rate audio… but if it sounds good, it sounds good).



The AtomicX W203 Bluetooth Headphones are a quality pair of on-ear headphones at a great price. With great sound quality, wireless OR wired audio, lightweight design, and affordable price tag, the W203 are a great option for those seeking a more conventional headphone design. Regardless of what you’re listening to, the AtomicX headphones can hold up to whatever you throw at them.

Rating: 4.5/5.0


  • Excellent battery life
  • Quality sound
  • Portable design
  • Excellent price


  • Only available in black/gray

If you’re looking for a great, comfortable, affordable pair of on-ear headphones, look no further than the AtomicX W203 from iDeaUSA, $69.99 on Amazon