Verizon iPhone 7 Users Report LTE Connectivity Issues

Verizon iPhone 7 Users Report LTE Connectivity Issues

A number of Verizon users with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices are reporting a serious issue that causes them to regularly lose LTE connectivity.

Verizon iPhone 7 Users Report LTE Connectivity Issues

A large number of Verizon users have complained of the issue on various website forums, including Reddit and the Apple Support Communities. While there are customers of other carriers reporting similar issues, the greatest number of affected users appears to be on the Verizon network. The issues seems to be limited to the latest iPhone 7 lineup.

Apple Support Communities User PatrickM10:

I have had the Verizon iPhone 7 for about 5 days now and my service, while I am driving continues to drop from LTE to 3G and then no service at all.  Occasionally it comes back after a few minutes…. but typically I have to reboot my phone and the service is back with LTE.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?  This did not happen on my 6 Plus with iOS 10.

A user replied to Patrick, who said he had similar issues with his AT&T iPhone 7, but also reported a rather odd Bluetooth-related issue.:

I also have a iPhone 7 Matte Black 128GB on AT&T and have a similar issue. I have 1-2 less bars showing most of the time.

Another issue is, when placing the iP7 on the desk with my iMac, i start having connectivity issues with Bluetooth to my keyboard.  I move the iP7, and the issue goes away.

Affected users see their LTE connectivity shut off at regular intervals, forcing them to use 3G or 1X speeds, or in some cases, have no signal at all. This causes V0LTE calls to disconnect, as well as losing data transfer capabilities. Turning off VoLTE allows making calls, but doesn’t address the root issue.

Customers say so far no one has offered a fix, and some complain about being ferried back and forth between Verizon and Apple, with neither side offering a solution. While Apple and Verizon have swapped out the affected devices for new ones, the new devices experience the same issues. Some users report restarting the phone, swapping out the SIM card, turning off HD voice, or putting the iPhone into Airplane Mode and back help the issue, but only temporarily.

One customer reportedly was told the issue is an Apple software fix, while others have been told Verizon and Apple are both aware of the problem and are working together on a fix. We’ll keep an ear to the ground and let you know if a fix is finally released.

(Via MacRumors)