Apple Music and Spotify Debut User-Uploaded Remixes from Dubset

Apple Music and Spotify Debut User-Uploaded Remixes from Dubset

Apple Music and Spotify have both debuted subscriber access to unofficial, user-uploaded remixes. Both services accomplished this via deals with the same music rights management firm, Dubset.

Apple Music and Spotify Debut User-Uploaded Remixes from Dubset
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Apple struck a deal with Dubset in March, and Spotify did in May, BPMSupreme reported. But the remixes are finally beginning to stream today, starting with this DJ Jazzy Jeff remix of Anderson .Paak. We’ve reached out to Spotify and Apple for comment.

While paid streaming services like Apple Music have not offered user-uploaded mixes or remixes due to difficulties imposed upon them by licensing restrictions, Dubset offers music rights management that matches the music snippets present in a DJ mix to their comprehensive database, and pays the proper royalties out to the rights holders. Until Dubset’s debut, mixes were considered a form of piracy, due to the inability of record companies to collect royalties.

Dubset says the company is able to identify original recordings via a unique MixSCAN audio fingerprinting technology, which scans remixes uploaded by users. The technology scans the mix, and creates a MixDNA track list and uses that to distribute the royalties to the proper music firms. After taking a cut of the action for itself, of course.

Currently, the mixes are limited to single-track remixes, but Dubset says it will soon be able to offer multi-song mixsets, such as what DJs often share, to streaming companies.


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