Delta Airlines App Lets You Track Your Bag’s Location via RFID Tags

Delta Airlines App Lets You Track Your Bag’s Location via RFID Tags

Do you avoid checking in baggage when you fly because you never know where it will end up? Delta’s Fly Delta app now offers the ability to track your own luggage, so now you’ll know exactly when it arrives in Seattle. Soon after you arrive in San Jose.

Delta Airlines App Lets You Track Your Bag's Location via RFID Tags


Delta started attaching RFID tags to bags back in April, but at that stage it was purely for use by the airline itself. It’s now making that same data available to customers, so you can see whether your bag made it onto the plane and then track it all the way to the carousel on arrival.

The tracking feature doesn’t offer live tracking, it merely displays the points where the baggage was last scanned by the airline, confirming that it made it onto your plane, (or the plane to Seattle), and will even display which baggage carousel the bag is waiting at. (Be it Seattle or San Jose. OK. We’ll stop.)

“We’re the first carrier to offer this level of visibility,” said Bill Lentsch, Delta’s Senior Vice President – Airline Operations and Airport Customer Service. “From the moment our customers drop off their bag, we want them to know we’re looking out for it every step of the way and working to take the stress out of flying one innovation at a time.”

The company has plans to offer users push notifications later this year, so passengers won’t even have to open the app to check their bag’s progress, the information will be available on the iPhone’s “Today” screen.

Delta already offers RFID tracking at all 84 U.S. airports it flies to, and will be rolling out the feature internationally in the coming months.

The Fly Delta app is free, and is available in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]