Latest Fad in Japan: Do-it-Yourself Evian Water iPhone Cases

Latest Fad in Japan: Do-it-Yourself Evian Water iPhone Cases

As a rule, we can always look to the far east for the wackiest fads and crazes, and the latest one is no different. Japanese iPhone users are cutting out the Evian logo from their water bottles and are using them to customize their iPhone cases.

Latest Fad in Japan: Do-it-Yourself Evian Water iPhone Cases


There’s something special about being able to make a unique phone case all by yourself. In Japan, Evian is the brand of the moment for DIY enthusiasts looking to pimp up their phones.

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It appears some users have gone for the minimalistic look, and just use the actual logo, while others are going whole sushi and adding glitter and confetti cut-outs. Some enterprising users are even selling their creations online to other Evian-loving iPhone users.

As Mashable notes, there is no crystal-clear, sparkling reason for the fad, Evian is far from the most popular bottled water in the country, holding only a 3% piece of the mineral water pie. (Pool?) The brand is at best seventh place in sales, well behind popular brands like Suntory and Kirin.

Of course, this is also the country where one popular sports drink is named Pokari Sweat, so…

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