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Apple’s New ‘Frankie’s Holiday’ Ad Encourages Us to ‘Open Your Heart to Everyone’

Apple’s New ‘Frankie’s Holiday’ Ad Encourages Us to ‘Open Your Heart to Everyone’

In a role he was born to play, 6’8″ comedian Brad Garrett of “Everybody Love’s Raymond” fame stars as the Frankenstein Monster in Apple’s new slightly humorous, but completely heartfelt holiday themed ad, “Frankie’s Holiday.”

Apple's New 'Frankie's Holiday' Ad Encourages Us to 'Open Your Heart to Everyone'

Garrett – who once described himself as a cross between Fred Munster and Greg Brady – stars as Frankenstein’s monster, who brings a package with two Christmas lights, (one red and one green), to the town square holiday gathering. The “monster” screws the bulbs into the bolt sockets on his neck, where they light up. He then begins singing along with “Home for the Holidays,” with the music being supplied by his handy iPhone.

The gathered townspeople are initially are shocked, and even a bit fearful, but when one light on his neck goes out, a young girl comes forward and flicks the bulb with her finger, causing it to once more glow.  She then begins singing along to the tune, and finally everyone in the crowd joins in.

The video ends with the tagline: “Open Your Heart to Everyone.” (No, I’m not crying, it’s, it’s just these damned winter allergies… – Ed.)

Apple has a long history of creating heartstring-tugging holiday ads, such as “The Song,” and “Misunderstood,” which won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial. We, at Mactrast, believe this ad is worthy of our “best Apple commercial of all time” segment here.


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