BeON Home: A Smart Home Lighting System That’s Actually Smart!

BeON Home: A Smart Home Lighting System That’s Actually Smart!

Recently we received a package from BeON Home, the makers of a smart bulb, that appears to be one of the smarter smart bulbs we’ve ever seen. We haven’t had a chance to get ours set up, but we have a long holiday weekend ahead, and it’s on our to-do list.

BeON Home not only offers you the usual smart bulbs, which you can control from your iPhone, the bulbs also learn your usual routine – taking note of when you usually turn on and turn off the bulbs – so they can replicate that routine when you’re gone. The BeON system includes a key fob that allows you to tell the bulbs you’re away from home, so they know when to do their thing.

BeON Home: A Smart Home Lighting System That's Actually Smart!

In addition, when you’re gone, the ring of a doorbell will cause the lights to light up in such a manner that it appears you are home, and are working your way toward the door to answer it. Perfect for making someone, like say… a burglar, think you’re home. The bulbs also illuminate when they hear a smoke or CO alarm go off, and offer up to 5 hours of emergency lighting in case of a power outage.


The BeON Home system actually looks to be reasonably priced considering its capabilities, at 3 bulbs for $129, and each key fob is only $29.95. Considering the security features, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. By the way, on Black Friday, BeON will be offering a deal, where you can purchase 6 bulbs and get two key fobs free ($258) and on Cyber Monday, customers can get the same deal OR buy 5 bulbs and get one fob free ($215)! Not bad!

As we said before, we’ll be setting these up in our home this weekend, and will report back with a review, likely in the first week of December, so stay tuned.

To buy BeON Home equipment, or to find out more about the system, visit the BeON Home website.