CES 2017: Apollo Personal Cloud Offers 2TB Personal Cloud Appliance for $199

CES 2017: Apollo Personal Cloud Offers 2TB Personal Cloud Appliance for $199

Promise Technology has announced the latest version of their Apolo Cloud personal cloud storage appliance. The $199 device offers 2TB of personal cloud storage, all accessible on the go via computers and mobile devices.

CES 2017: Apollo Personal Cloud Offers 2TB Personal Cloud Appliance for $199

Apollo Cloud offers an affordable, simple way for families, small businesses and work groups to safely store and share data from anywhere — from any device (OS X and Windows on computers and iOS or Android on smartphones and tablets). Easy enough for anyone to use — setup is a simple process that takes mere minutes — Apollo Cloud can be accessed by up to 10 users, each with full sharing and privacy control over their own digital files.

Apollo Cloud uses government-level AES-256 encryption to safeguard the privacy of the stored data. The Apollo Cloud environment allows friends and family to comment and discuss shared content, such as videos and photos, all within a completely private environment.

CES 2017: Apollo Personal Cloud Offers 2TB Personal Cloud Appliance for $199

The storage appliance also offers¬†optimized hardware encryption and SMB support for Apple’s latest macOS Sierra and supports Time Machine backup for Mac. New features include¬†scheduled daily backup, direct USB upload/download, remote access, member quota management and advanced encryption.

The new Apollo Cloud is enhanced with even more capabilities, including Apollo Cloud Mirroring for additional protection; a QuickView option that contributes to speed and uses less data by delivering either full-size or scaled down content depending on screen size or network speed; and an upgraded video/music player. Additionally, the newly-added ‘Apollo Anywhere’ feature includes SAMBA protocol over the internet — meaning that users are no longer limited to accessing local network folders.

Apollo Offers:

  • A safer way to share and save — personal cloud storage for you AND your private circle.
  • Unlike other solutions, Apollo Cloud is designed for easy storing and sharing within your family or group, while offering full privacy for each member.
  • Member quota management allows the assignment of different amounts of storage space to each member as needed.
  • The easy-to-use, intuitive Apollo Cloud app requires no IT expertise whatsoever.
  • No recurring fees – once you purchase Apollo Cloud you own it outright, with no monthly fees.
  • Touch Bar-enabled for the new MacBook Pro.

Apollo Cloud is available worldwide at Apple retail stores and online at Apple.com. It’s also available via the Amazon website, and through a number of third-party retailers, including B&H Photo & Electronics. Suggested retail price is $199.99 (USD). For more information, visit the Apollo Cloud website.


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