Apple Seeds Beta 2 of iOS 10.3 to Developers for Testing

Apple Seeds Beta 2 of iOS 10.3 to Developers for Testing

Apple on Monday seeded the second beta of iOS 10.3 to developers. The new update comes just under a week following the first beta release.

Apple Seeds Beta 2 of iOS 10.3 to Developers for Testing

Registered developers can download the new iOS 10.3 beta – Build 14E5239e – from the Apple Developer Center, or over the air with the correct configuration installed on their device. (If you’re a developer, you know what that means.)

What’s Fixed in this Release

iCloud Analytics

During setup, users should no longer reach the “iCloud Analytics” page if they have not yet signed in.

iCloud Backup

Nightly backups should no longer fail with the error message “Some files were unavailable during the last backup.”

Managed and Shared Devices

On managed devices, users should no longer be able to override the current iCloud Document Sync setting.

Xcode Simulator

• The legacy iCloud button in Settings has been removed. iCloud settings are now available within the new Apple ID settings pane.

• Scrolling in the Today View should no longer crash.

Notes and Known Issues

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone now supports Location and Play Sound for AirPods.

• Location and Play Sound currently work only from the iOS device most recently used with your AirPods.

• Play Sound emits a noise from the AirPods that reaches a high volume after a few seconds. Please remove both AirPods from your ears before testing this feature.

LAN Asset Cache

LAN Asset Cache functionality may not work as expected in this beta.

Lightning Video Adapters

Lightning video adapters may not work as expected in this beta.

Managed and Shared Devices

• The ability to update devices from a remote server is in development and may not yet work as

• In this beta, Shared iPad allows users to toggle settings that are usually unavailable when using a Shared iPad.


The new SiriKit car commands are still in development and may not yet work as expected.


SOS is only supported in India.


Safari now supports the prefers-reduced-motion media query. This query allows a web developer to provide alternate page styles for users who are sensitive to large areas of motion. Users can change their preference for reduced motion in the Accessibility section of System Preferences.

The iOS 10.3 update removes support for SHA-1 signed certificates used for Transport Layer Security (TLS) in Safari and WebKit that are issued from a root Certification Authority (CA) included in the operating system default trust store. All other TLS connections will continue to support SHA-1 signed certificates until late 2017. SHA-1 signed root CA certificates, enterprise-distributed SHA-1 certificates, and user-installed SHA-1 certificates are not affected by this change. For more information, see

Xcode Simulator

Attempting to enable iCloud Drive through the iCloud Drive app before the user is signed into iCloud can cause Settings to crash.

Xcode 8.3 Beta 2

Apple also released the second beta of Xcode 8.3 alongside the iOS 10.3 beta. The Xcode beta – Build 8W120l – can also be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center.