MacTrast Deals: The 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle

MacTrast Deals: The 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle

The 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle includes a fully stocked ARDX Arduino Starter Kit, along with 8 informative ebooks and 15 hours of instruction.

MacTrast Deals: The 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle

The 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle: Take a Beginner’s Arduino Toolkit & Master It with 8 E-Books & 15 Hours of Instruction – Only $75!

The ARDX Arduino Starter Kit

Tackle 13 Different Projects w/ This Fully-Stocked Beginner’s Toolkit

The ARDX Arduino Starter Kit pairs a detailed, illustrated guide with all the parts you need to build your own circuits. Perfect for beginners, this kit requires no experience and teaches you to use Arduino to control lights, buzzers, and more. Once you master the basics of Arduino, you can control motors on any device you dream up–from robots, to mood lights, to self-playing instruments, and beyond.

  • No soldering or electronics background required
  • Straight forward instructions, including diagrams & troubleshooting tips
  • Additional instructions for taking your projects to the next level
  • 13 circuits included, each with a breadboard layout
  • Arduino Uno

Arduino Step by Step 2017: Getting Started

Get Started with Arduino & Discover Its Huge Realm of Opportunities

Starting out with Arduino can be tough, especially considering the sheer breadth of what you can do with it. In this comprehensive course, you’ll start with the absolute basics of the Arduino Uno, and develop a mastery of its many capabilities. Ultimately, this course aims to afford you the freedom to start programming and creating with Arduino, and learning as you experiment.

  • Become comfortable w/ basic prototyping tools & their usage
  • Understand the basics of the Arduino programming environment, language, & programming
  • Use a variety of components from simple buttons & LEDs, to visible color & other environment sensors
  • Learn how to read datasheets, use libraries on your own, & how to create gadgets

The 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle: Take a Beginner’s Arduino Toolkit & Master It with 8 E-Books & 15 Hours of Instruction – Only $75!

Arduino Robotic Projects

Tap into the Power of Arduino to Build Complex Robots

This e-book starts with the fundamentals of turning on the basic Arduino hardware, then provides complete, step-by-step instructions on how to maximize its potential. You’ll learn by doing–building projects that can move using DC motors, walk using servo motors, and avoid barriers using its sensors. On top of that, you’ll also learn how to add more complex navigational techniques (such as GPRS) so that your robot won’t get lost.

  • Develop a series of exciting robots that can sail, go under water, and fly w/ 240 pages of content
  • Effectively control the movements of all types of motors using Arduino
  • Use sensors, GPS & a magnetic compass to give your robot direction and make it lifelike
  • Acquaint yourself with many different kinds of Arduinos to choose the right one for your app
  • Unbox, power up & configure your Arduino
  • Tweak Arduino to make wheels or legs move so your robot can be mobile
  • Add GPS to your projects so your robots can know where they are
  • Use RF signals to control your robot remotely
  • Connect your robot to a display so you can see what it is thinking
  • Build more complex robots that can move, swim, or fly

Integrate the Arduino & iOS Platforms to Design Amazing Real-World Projects

Arduino has become a widely adopted platform for its easy usability and flexibility, and iOS devices are nothing if not ubiquitous. Dive into this comprehensive project-based book, master the art of integrating the two, and learn how to build devices that are highly useful in everyday life. You’ll learn how to control Arduino using an iPhone or iPad, understand the different components that interact with the Arduino–digital and analog I/O, Wi-Fi shields, and more–and master iOS development essentials in the process.

  • Design circuits w/ Arduino using sensors & actuators w/ 240 pages of content
  • Write code to handle analog & digital sensors w/ commonly used protocols: OneWire, I2C, SPI & more
  • Store data on SD Card & in EEPROM
  • Build iOS applications using the MCV pattern & the UIKit components
  • Allow your applications to control Arduino and its hooked-up devices
  • Manage TCP/IP, UDP, and Bluetooth BLE communication between Arduino & iOS devices
  • Make your iOS application utilize the sensors available in iOS devices, including the accelerometer, gyroscope & compass
  • Develop iOS applications that use iBeacons

The 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle: Take a Beginner’s Arduino Toolkit & Master It with 8 E-Books & 15 Hours of Instruction – Only $75!

Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints

Develop Interactive, Arduino-Based Internet Projects with Ethernet & WiFi

Arduino is the ideal platform with which to experiment on Internet of Things projects, and this e-book the ideal medium through which to learn. You’ll work through eight projects that will teach you how to assemble devices that communicate with one another, access data over the Internet, store and retrieve data, and interact with users. These projects also serve as blueprints for any other IoT projects you hope to tackle in the future.

  • Build Internet-based Arduino devices to secure your home w/ 210 pages of content
  • Connect sensors and actuators to the Arduino & access Internet data
  • Make a powerful Internet-controlled relay w/ an embedded web server to monitor & control home appliances
  • Build a portable Wi-Fi signal strength sensor to give haptic feedback about signal strength to the user
  • Measure water flow speed & volume w/ liquid flow sensors and record real-time readings
  • Set up motion-activated Arduino security cameras & upload images to the cloud
  • Implement real-time data logging of a solar panel voltage w/ Arduino cloud connectors
  • Track locations w/ GPS & upload location data to the cloud
  • Control a garage door light w/ your Twitter feed
  • Control infrared enabled devices w/ IR remote & Arduino

Arduino Android Blueprints

Interface Arduino with Android to Create Engaging, Interactive Projects

Learn to build interactive electronic devices controllable from any Android device by working through a series of projects. Each project is explained in a step-by-step fashion, starting with the required components and hardware assembly instructions, meaning following along is easy even for beginners. Whether you’re configuring an app to display tweets or controlling basic functions of the Arduino board, you’ll consolidate your knowledge of all things Arduino and get up to speed in no time.

  • Build Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-controlled Arduino systems w/ 250 pages of content
  • Make a weather measurement station that can be monitored from Android
  • Build a smart power switch that can be controlled via Wi-Fi from Android
  • Monitor your home remotely with a wireless security camera
  • Control a servo motor w/ Bluetooth Low Energy using your phone’s gyroscope
  • Open or close a door using voice controls or NFC
  • Control a mobile robot using Bluetooth Low Energy

The 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle: Take a Beginner’s Arduino Toolkit & Master It with 8 E-Books & 15 Hours of Instruction – Only $75!

Access Over 50 Hands-On Recipes to Quickly Build & Understand Arduino Projects

Dive into over 50 step-by-step recipes to build virtually any Arduino project, whether simple or advanced. Topics encompass Arduino development essentials ranging from programming buttons to operating motors, managing sensors, and controlling displays. You’ll also find tips and tricks for troubleshooting any development problems and pushing your project to the next level.

  • Master all principle aspects of integration using the Arduino w/ 246 pages of content
  • Learn tools & components needed to build engaging electronics
  • Make the most of your board w/ practical tips and tricks
  • Read data from sensors & take action based on the environment
  • Use the Arduino to turn on lights, write to screens, or play light shows
  • Manipulate motors & other actuators to control different objects’ movement
  • Set up electronic circuits on a breadboard to interact w/ the Arduino
  • Explore hacks to push your project to the next level
  • Make your projects wireless & have them communicate with the computer

Arduino Electronics Blueprints

Make Common Electronic Devices Interact with an Arduino Board to Build Amazing Out-of-the-Box Projects

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or an Arduino newbie, you’ll find this book useful for building amazing smart electronic devices. Start by building a sound effects generator using recorded audio-wave files you’ve made or obtained from the Internet. You’ll then build DC motor controllers operated by a web page, slide switch, or touch sensor, and end by constructing an electronic operating status display for an FM radio circuit using Arduino.

  • Build interactive electronic devices using the Arduino w/ 252 pages of content
  • Learn about web page, touch sensor, Bluetooth & infrared controls
  • Add SD & wave-file libraries to your Arduino code
  • Get to grips w/ SD card SPI communications
  • Interface an IR detection circuit to Arduino
  • Wire an OLED LCD to Arduino
  • Install the Nordic nRF8001 Bluetooth Low Energy code to Arduino
  • Build an HMI (Human Machine Interface) from a web page using JavaScript
  • Connect Arduino to a virtual server (Breakout.js)
  • Wire a small DC motor driver to Arduino w/ a transistor & diode circuit

The 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle: Take a Beginner’s Arduino Toolkit & Master It with 8 E-Books & 15 Hours of Instruction – Only $75!

Arduino Wearable Projects

Design, Code & Build Exciting Wearable Projects Using Arduino Tools

If you’re interested in designing and building your own wearables, the Arduino platform is perfect for you. With this e-book, you’ll learn to create your own wearable projects by mastering different electronic components–such as LEDs and sensors–then applying your learnings through practical projects. You’ll consolidate your new skills in your final project, utilizing all the concepts you’ve learned to create a smartwatch complete with fitness tracking, Internet-based notifications, GPS, and time-telling.

  • Develop a basic understanding of wearable computing w/ 218 pages of content
  • Learn about Arduino & compatible prototyping platforms suitable for creating wearables
  • Understand the design process surrounding the creation of wearable objects
  • Gain insight into materials suitable for developing wearable projects
  • Design & create projects w/ various kinds of electronic components: interactive bike gloves, GPRS locator watch, etc.
  • Dive into programming for interactivity
  • Learn how to connect & interface wearables w/ Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
  • Get your hands dirty w/ your own personalized designs

Arduino by Example

Master the Arduino Platform By Getting Your Hands Dirty Designing & Building Real Projects

Arduino by Example is a project-oriented guide to help you fully utilize the power of one of the world’s most powerful open source platforms, Arduino. This book demonstrates three projects ranging from a home automation project involving your lighting system to a simple robotic project to a touch sensor project. You will first learn the basic concepts such as how to get started with the Arduino, then develop the practical skills needed to successfully build Arduino-powered projects with real-life impact.

  • Master use of the Arduino inside & out w/ 242 pages of content
  • Integrate sensors to gather & effectively display environmental data
  • Add Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & other modules to allow the Arduino to communicate & send data between devices
  • Build automated projects to learn complex algorithms that mimic biological locomotion
  • Create simple servers to facilitate communication
  • Maximize the Arduino’s capabilities w/ Python, Processing & other programming tools
  • Practice & learn basic programming etiquette

The 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle: Take a Beginner’s Arduino Toolkit & Master It with 8 E-Books & 15 Hours of Instruction – Only $75!