MacTrast Deals: Pay What You Want: 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle

MacTrast Deals: Pay What You Want: 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle

The Pay What You Want: 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle brings you 12 top apps for one low price. Beat the average price and grab all 12 apps! Beat the leader’s price, and get entered into an epic giveaway!

MacTrast Deals: Pay What You Want: 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle

Pay What You Want: 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle – Turn Your Mac Into Your Personal Superhero with 12 Top Apps From Unclutter to LaunchBar


  1. Pay what you want —& if that’s less than the average price—you’ll still take home something great.
  2. Beat the average price & you’ll take home the entire bundle.
  3. Beat the Leader’s price & get entered into our epic giveaway—plus get featured on the Leaderboard!


Passenger Pro

Clean Up User Accounts, Passwords & Permissions En Masse


If you run a server with a lot of users, you know creating accounts, setting permissions, and generating passwords can be a nightmare. That’s where Passenger Pro comes in, helping you import users to your Mac OS X Server with complete ease.

  • Import database text from a user directory into a server or other user file management function
  • Generate passwords w/ an algorithm that combines master password & username using a word list you supply
  • Check duplicates on a list w/ ease
  • Set up parameters for several servers or create your own parameters using the custom text setup
  • Export for Mac OS X Server & user-defined customized export
  • Create folders to organize groups of users
  • Mode documents & preferences from one set of account folder to another, even if their names have changed
  • Set file-level permissions in a batch for Mac OS X home directories as any user, locally or remotely
  • Use Distributor to distribute a file or folder to many home folders
  • Archive home directories you wish to remove


The Writer’s WordPress App


Give your WordPress workflow a boost with Wilde, the app that Oscar Wilde himself would go giddy over. Supporting full HTML editing, WYSIWYG editing, and even Markdown, Wilde makes generating beautiful WordPress content a breeze. Don’t you think it’s time to start getting serious about that WordPress of yours?

  • Manage images in your blog by simply dragging & dropping from your Mac on to Wilde
  • Edit posts without knowing any HTML or CSS, or choose to incorporate HTML or Markdown if you’re feeling fancy
  • Publish, schedule, & draft (both locally & remote) posts w/ the Posts Manager
  • Share links to posts directly w/ friends

LaunchBar 6

Step Into a More Productive Future with One of the Most Complete App Launchers Ever


Your Mac will operate like magic when you’ve got LaunchBar 6 and don’t ever have to lift your hands off the keyboard to do any task. App launchers looked to be threatened when Apple released Spotlight, but LaunchBar responded with its most incredibly powerful, creative release yet. Easy to use and optimized to be the most productive utility you’ve ever used, LaunchBar provides lightning fast access to apps, documents, contacts, search engines, & more with just a couple of clicks. But really, to sum up: It’s over 1,000 features in a single interface.

  • Access applications, documents, bookmarks & more by typing short abbreviations
  • Manage events & reminders & access your contacts in a click
  • Browse the file system, query file metadata, & copy, move or rename files & folders
  • Perform desktop or web searches & get instant feedback
  • Keep your workflow streamlined w/ a clipboard history, a snippet manager, a jukebox, a calculator, a script runner, info browser, & more
  • Download workflows from third-party developers

Pay What You Want: 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle – Turn Your Mac Into Your Personal Superhero with 12 Top Apps From Unclutter to LaunchBar

Super Vectorizer 2

Create Perfect Vectors From Images with Four Distinct Vectorization Options


Web designers know the value of flexible vectors, and Super Vectorizer 2 has streamlined the vector-tracing process to automatically convert bitmap images like JPEG, GIF, and PNG to clean, scalable vector graphics like AI, SVG, DXF, and PDF. Using a brand new image-quantization algorithm and enhanced tracing, this clever tool traces color and grayscale, black-and-white, skeletonization, and line vectors, making it easy to adapt imagery into design with more nuance.

  • Supports up to 64 colors
  • Automatic tracing for images in more than 70 formats
  • Skeletonization function enables conversions from pencil drawings into vector graphics
  • Vectorizes images by edge, color, skeletonization, or line
  • Simplifies complex image using enhanced, pre-processing smoothing

Commander One PRO Pack

Manage Files Better Than Ever with This Efficient Alternative to Finder


For Mac users, Finder is a given. That is, until Commander One revamped the traditional Finder system and allowed you to operate in two panels at once. This efficient alternative allows you to set your own hotkeys, manage multiple files and folders at once, easily access your favorite folders, and much, much more. With the PRO Pack, you’ll have greater control over your files than ever before!

5 Stars in Mac App Store

  • Use advanced search w/ RegExp support to find files & folders on even compressed disks
  • Manage FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, & OneDrive clients all from a central hub
  • Mount cameras, iOS, or Android devices & access their files easily
  • Archive multiple file types into ZIP, RAR, TBZ, TGZ, or 7z files
  • Examine every process running on your Mac easily

Stock + Pro 3

Make Investing Easier, More Fun & More Rewarding


Watching the stock market and your various investments can be a daunting and challenging affair. Stock + Pro 3, however, is designed to be as easy for beginners as it is packed with advanced features for veterans. This intuitive app helps you know exactly what is going on with your portfolio with interactive charts, clutter free news articles, realtime StockTwit feeds, and powerful alerts. There’s no easier way to take the hassle out of investing than with Stock + Pro 3.

  • Monitor stocks intuitively in the interface designed exclusively for OS X
  • Form collections of stocks, indices, funds, & currency pairs to your liking
  • Select multiple watchlists from the sidebar to create a super watchlist to quickly compare a group of stocks
  • Analyze charts & heat maps in comparison charts or add technical overlays to identify trends
  • Create custom alerts for specific stocks or more generic alerts for several stocks
  • Add RSS & Atom news feeds to build a tailored news list & read in-app without banner ads & sidebars
  • Use the Stock + Today Widget to access the latest stock prices

Pay What You Want: 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle – Turn Your Mac Into Your Personal Superhero with 12 Top Apps From Unclutter to LaunchBar

Archiver 3

Archive & Manage Files Easier Than Ever with The Top Archive App for Mac


Compressing, organizing, opening, and managing mass amounts of files are all a breeze with the most complete archiving tool for Mac, Archiver 3. Drag a set of files to Archiver and you’ll be able to compress them normally, shrink images and audio files, use Quick Look to extract just individual files, or convert the entire archive into a different format and split it. What we mean to say is, you can do a whole lot with your files from one streamlined app.

“A fresh new take on compressing and extracting files,” App Storm

  • Unarchive a wide variety of files, including RAR, StuffIT, Zip, 7zip & many more
  • Reduce file size w/ a full palette of high-yielding compression formats
  • Preview archives & unzip only the files you really need
  • Set compression levels, choose a default output folder, automatically remove archives after unzipping them, & much more
  • Encrypt & password-protect archives to keep your data private
  • Split & combine files w/ just a few clicks
  • Perform all functions w/ as much ease as drag & drop

Renamer 5

Organize & Rename Mass Amounts of Similar Files with Ease


Ever taken a ton of photos and they all come out with camera-generated file names that make it impossible to tell where they were taken? Resolve that problem and any other mass file renaming job with Renamer 5, the batch file renaming app that makes it easy.

  • Organize file renaming tasks conveniently into Renamerlets
  • Get started quickly w/ the many built-in Renamerlets
  • Handle complex file renaming tasks by assembling chains
  • Preview how files will be renamed to fine-tune how they look
  • Avoid data loss thanks to smart undo & file backup

Look Up

Give Your Eyes & Body a Rest with This App Helping You Incorporate the 20-20-20 Rule Into Your Work Day


You spend a lot of time in front of a computer for huge amounts of time every day, straining your eyes and wearing down your brain. One solution to that brain drain, however, is endorsed by the National Eye Institute and the Mayo Clinic: The 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes look up away from your computer about 20 feet for about 20 seconds. It’s a simple but hugely effective way to ensure your eyes and body stay healthy in the world of computer work.

  • Reminds you to look up every 20 minutes & rest your eyes
  • Blurs your screen during short breaks to help you relax
  • Allows you to set small 20 minute goals to give yourself a change of pace
  • Use Dark Mode to darken your screen while still being able to work seamlessly

Pay What You Want: 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle – Turn Your Mac Into Your Personal Superhero with 12 Top Apps From Unclutter to LaunchBar

Unclutter for Mac

Power Your Productivity with This 3-in-1 Clipboard, File Storage & Note Taking Utility


Think of Unclutter as a digital bulletin board for your desktop—a single place you can drop and easily access notes, files, and pasteboard clips. On top of that, this premium app offers rich array of features ranging from the Clipboard feature’s copy-and-pasting tracker to auto-syncing of your files in shared folders across all Macs. Accessible in just one gesture and intuitive to use, Unclutter will become such an indispensable part of your computing routine that you’ll wonder how ever you lived without it.

  • Easily drag & drop files into the app
  • Store notes, files & pasteboard clips in an easily accessible place
  • Auto-sync your files across all Macs using shared folders (Dropbox, etc.)
  • Use the Clipboard feature to track what you copy & paste
  • Star a clip to permanently save it for later use
  • Jot down a quick note without having to open a text editor
  • Use the quick search function to find any note using keywords


Enjoy Multiple Layers of Organization with This Markdown-Based Planner


If you’re the type of person who keeps many lists and notes, then you’re going to appreciate the facility of NotePlan. This bird’s eye view tool is based on Markdown, giving you greater formatting control over task lists and notes to stay more organized. With its intuitive design and calendar integration, NotePlan lets you see more of your day at once to better plan your life.

115 Upvotes on Product Hunt

Enjoy a full writing area w/ Markdown & injected flavor for productivity

  • View a summary of your notes & color coded lists in a monthly calendar view
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate & jump into specific days
  • Get notified if you miss tasks & re-schedule them efficiently
  • Save away your backlogs & general notes behind the daily planning & calendar views to give you another level of organization

Mac Screen Recorder

Record, Edit & Share Screen Recordings to Better Explain Anything


When you’re collaborating on a project, or just performing a more complicated task on your Mac, it can be extremely valuable to record your screen for future reference. This powerful screen recorder gives you an advanced recording function, a powerful video converter, and a task scheduler all in one. Stop struggling to explain a process, and just show it instead!

  • Record any screen activities on Mac w/ audio, including webcam videos
  • Provide real-time editing during recording
  • Upload HD videos to YouTube
  • Schedule tasks for recording later
  • Make webcam video & create picture-in-picture video
  • Capture & edit screenshots seamlessly
  • Convert videos in batches to preferred formats

Pay What You Want: 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle – Turn Your Mac Into Your Personal Superhero with 12 Top Apps From Unclutter to LaunchBar