MacTrast Deals: The World’s First Lifetime Mac Bundle

MacTrast Deals: The World’s First Lifetime Mac Bundle

Get 10 top-rated Mac apps, AND a lifetime of major updates with The World’s First Lifetime Mac Bundle: True Lifetime Access.

MacTrast Deals: The World's First Lifetime Mac Bundle

The World’s First Lifetime Mac Bundle: True Lifetime Access (Yes, That’s ALL Future Versions) to 10 Top-Rated Mac Apps, for Just $49!


What’s the Difference Between a Standard & Lifetime License?

Great question! A Standard License issues full access to the app and all minor updates for life. Minor updates usually include fixes to bugs that surface post-launch. As you know, when an app gets a major update (and advances to the next version e.g. V2, V3, V4), older versions often grow obsolete. Perhaps it no longer works properly with your new computer or OS, or maybe you’re simply missing out on serious improvements and experiencing some major FOMO.

That’s why a Lifetime License is so appealing. You’ll get a lifetime of major upgrades, and inevitably a world of new features that are beyond our current imagination. Many of our Lifetime License options are exclusive offers, at the web’s best prices.

  • All sales final
  • Instant digital redemption

NetSpot Pro: Lifetime License

Optimize Your Wi-Fi Connection with This Powerful Wi-Fi Analysis Application

NetSpot lets you visualize, optimize, and troubleshoot your wireless networks with any Mac so you can get the best connection possible at all times. Use the mapping feature to view dead zones and optimize hotspot placement, and use the troubleshooting tool to identify connectivity issues. With NetSpot Pro, you’ll never miss a beat, post, or important email even when your Internet is acting up. You’ll reach maximum WiFi efficiency, all while assuring your network is perfectly secure.

“One click and you can see how strong your network is, and watch it in real time as you move across your house or apartment, or between rooms,” Lifehacker

  • Visualize, manage, troubleshoot, audit, plan, & deploy wireless networks
  • Analyze your WiFi coverage anywhere you are or plan on being
  • Easily assure that hotspots are placed correctly & radio channels are assigned properly
  • Identify dead zones on a network using the visual map
  • Load a visual map, collect survey data, & build a comprehensive heatmap of a network
  • View any number of Access Points (BSSIDs) simultaneously
  • Utilize flexible grouping of APs by SSID, channel, vendor, security, etc. & custom groups
  • Choose from multiple export possibilities, including new customizable advanced reports
  • Run Internet download & upload speed tests

Sticky Password Premium: Lifetime Subscription

Never Forget Another Password with This Award-Winning Password Manager

No need to struggle with remembering long and complicated passwords, Sticky Password is your award-winning password management and form filler solution, available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. This lifetime Sticky Password Premium subscription protects your online identity by providing strong encrypted passwords for all your accounts, managed by a single master password known by you, and only you.

PCMag Editors’ Choice. Editor Rating: Excellent.
“Sticky Password Premium does everything you’d expect from a password manager and more. New biometric authentication and no‑cloud Wi‑Fi sync make it an even better choice.”

  • Create strong, unique passwords, whenever & wherever you need them, on all of your devices
  • Never forget another password again
  • Automatically and securely save and fill all of your passwords across the web
  • Enjoy premium quality security for your all of your passwords & personal information
  • Automatically log-in to recognized sites
  • Choose between cloud-based or local storage for your password library
  • Fill out online forms instantly w/ saved information
  • Trusted technology — millions of people protected

The World’s First Lifetime Mac Bundle: True Lifetime Access (Yes, That’s ALL Future Versions) to 10 Top-Rated Mac Apps, for Just $49!

Camera Guard PRO: Lifetime License

Keep Unwanted Eyes & Ears Away from Your Mac

Mark Zuckerberg protects his webcam. That should be enough for you to appreciate the importance of webcam security. Therefore, there’s Camera Guard Pro, the ultimate solution for your Mac’s webcam and microphone security needs. With just two clicks, Camera Guard blocks and observes all programs and processes that aim to access the webcam, preventing any unwanted access by hackers or government officials.

4/5 Stars from Softpedia

4/5 Stars, Softpedia Editor’s Review

  • Deep Detective™ proactively reports & restricts known & still unknown attack attempts
  • Microphone protection ensures that your voice can’t be recorded w/o your permission
  • Can be used in conjunction w/ other anti-virus or firewall software for a complete security solution
  • Real-time reporting & logging allows you to identify security breaches the second they happen

CameraBag Cinema: Lifetime License

Your Inner Cinematographer Has Been Waiting for CameraBag Cinema

What would it be like to shoot a Star Wars movie on a Mac? Well, you’ll never know, but you’ll get a pretty dang good emulation with the stand-alone 4K+ video filtering, color grading, and film emulation of CameraBag Cinema. Packed with elite tools, this software will revolutionize the way you think about amateur videography, and might just turn a hobby into a career.

4.5/5 Stars, Mac App Store

  • 96-bit Analog Engine ensures your shots retain smooth color gradations even w/ many adjustments
  • Easy native editing of ultra-high-resolution R3D files are extra conducive to users w/ RED cameras
  • LUT support allows you to export filters you design in the software to external software or camera monitors
  • Batch processing handles many adjustments, pre-made filters, resizing, & more w/ ease
  • Curve-based color grading gives you the ultimate control of color
  • Stand-alone editing allows you to use CameraBag Cinema alongside any editing software you like
  • Modeled film grain is modeled to create truly lifelike film grain
  • Works just as well on photos as it does on videos

The World’s First Lifetime Mac Bundle: True Lifetime Access (Yes, That’s ALL Future Versions) to 10 Top-Rated Mac Apps, for Just $49!

Hands Off!: Lifetime License

Keep an Eye on Abnormal Activity & Avoid Data Leaks with This Powerful Software

Hands Off! controls the access of web applications to your network and disks so you can make informed decisions about who and what has access to your private information. With Hands Off!, you will stop applications from reading, storing, and erasing information without your knowledge, and take back control of your computer.

4.2/5 Stars, MacUpdate

  • Stop disk writing
  • Prevent viruses & other malware infiltration
  • Expose hidden Internet connections diverted through apps
  • Customize your trusted applications & operations
  • Keep applications from phoning home
  • Block outgoing & incoming network connections

Biff: Lifetime License

The Non-Designer’s Design Tool to Design Beautiful Vector-Graphics

There will be times in your life when you’re asked to be a little artistic and you’ll think, “I am in so far over my head.” Biff was created for people like you. This vector graphics app makes creating graphics for websites, flyers, or anything else and absolute breeze. With a range of templates immediately available, Biff lets you create your own design assets easily, without sacrificing powerful, advanced features like full path editing and boolean operations. We know we just lost you there, just trust it’ll make designing stuff easier.

4/5 Stars, Softpedia Editor’s Review

  • Simple, clean UI keeps out of your way for an easy workflow
  • Built-in library of objects & styles gives you instant inspiration
  • All objects are editable in Biff & can be converted to Free Paths, where every point & curve may be manipulated
  • From simple dashes to paint brushes, Biff is full of strokes
  • Intersecting shapes allows you to create your own & pop them in the library for future use
  • Biff Tutor shows you how to carry out advanced techniques & uses synthesized speech to guide you through

The World’s First Lifetime Mac Bundle: True Lifetime Access (Yes, That’s ALL Future Versions) to 10 Top-Rated Mac Apps, for Just $49!

Arq 5: Lifetime License

Efficient Backups to Dropbox, OneDrive, AWS Glacier, S3, SFTP & Many More

Arq may just be the best backup software you haven’t heard of. Arq is the very definition of flexibility when it comes to backing up your computer. You can backup everything or just the files you choose to just about any destination you can think of, regardless of size or location. Arq backs up external drives, network drives, and doesn’t delete external drives just because you haven’t plugged them in recently like other backup softwares. Got a lot of files you need to secure? Look no further than Arq 5.

4.5/5 Stars, Mac Update
“If you are really concerned about the privacy and security of your backups, you should take a close look at Arq,” Mac Stories

  • Set up fast & get high-speed backups going in less than a minute
  • Encrypt everything before it leaves your computer w/ a key only you know
  • Go back in time to review backup histories since Arq keeps multiple versions of your files
  • Store your encrypted backups in a format that’s open & documented, in your own accounts in a ton of locations
  • Back up external hard drives, NAS files, or whatever else you want – Arq has no limits

Yummy FTP Pro: Lifetime License

Make Speedy, Reliable Internet Transfers Across Several Popular Protocols

Whether you need to transfer a few files or a few thousand, schedule automatic backups, or perform website maintenance, Yummy FTP Pro will handle it with ease. This easy to use FTP/S, SFTP, and WebDAV/S file transfer app was built exclusively for Mac to make transfers happen with blazing speed and impeccable reliability. If you need to move some files around, Yummy is your solution.

4.5/5 Stars, MacUpdate

  • Hi-def Retina-display UI features a familiar, Finder-like browser to work swiftly
  • Fine-tuned, multi-threaded transfer engine features turbo mode which automatically maintains several simultaneous connections for max use of available bandwidth
  • Full support for FTP/S, SFTP, & WebDAV/S protocols
  • Automatic reconnect & resume ensures Yummy will always complete a transfer, even if interrupted
  • Bookmarks manager let you organize files at multiple levels
  • Built-in text editor allows quick edits of local & remote files
  • FTP Alias lets files or folders be dropped onto it in Finder or the Dock
  • Fully integrated w/ Mac w/ support for Quick Look, AppleScript-able, & other Mac-specific OS tools

The World’s First Lifetime Mac Bundle: True Lifetime Access (Yes, That’s ALL Future Versions) to 10 Top-Rated Mac Apps, for Just $49!

Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate: Lifetime License

Working with PDFs Will Never Be a Hassle Again

Nothing slows a project down like endless PDF signing and editing. Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate is the all-in-one PDF solution that accelerates the way you edit, merge, split, convert, secure, sign, and organize PDFs. Stop sending PDFs back or converting them with janky online services – PDFManagerUltimate was made to fix this problem.

“It proved itself to be an all-round and dependable PDF utility that offers all the necessary features you need for organizing, editing and converting your PDFs,” Softpedia

  • View & organize PDF files efficiently
  • Rotate, annotate, highlight, sticky note, & more directly on PDFs
  • Merge, split, compress, & extract text or images from PDF files
  • Fill & sign any PDF agreement or form without printing & scanning
  • Encrypt PDFs w/ open & permission passwords
  • Convert normal or scanned PDF files to Word, Excel, Text, PPT, Keynote, Pages, HTML, EPUB, Rtfd, & image formats

CloudMounter: Lifetime License

The All-In-One Cloud Solution You Need

The cloud is vast, and it’s likely you’ve got files stored across a variety of storage solutions. Thanks to CloudMounter, however, you won’t have to wonder where you stored that document because all of your spaces will be based directly on your Mac’s desktop. You can connect Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP, and WebDAV servers right in Finder, as if they were regular local folders.

5 Stars in Mac App Store

  • Mount multiple Dropbox, Google Drive, & Microsoft OneDrive accounts w/o having to transfer files to your computer
  • Store any number of files of any size in your Amazon S3 or on WebDAV servers
  • Manage your online files as if they were stored on your computer w/ FTP & SFTP server mounting

The World’s First Lifetime Mac Bundle: True Lifetime Access (Yes, That’s ALL Future Versions) to 10 Top-Rated Mac Apps, for Just $49!