Report: Apple Plans to Offer OLED Display on Every iPhone by 2019

Report: Apple Plans to Offer OLED Display on Every iPhone by 2019

A new supply chain report indicates Apple has plans to offer an OLED display on every iPhone model by 2019. The company is expected to use 60 million OLED panels for its upcoming iPhone 8, which will debut later this year. Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO) and Interflex are both expected to expand manufacturing capacity.

Report: Apple Plans to Offer OLED Display on Every iPhone by 2019
iPhone 8 concept, one of many that are available around the web.

The Bell [Google Translate]:

Even if SEMCO and Interflex are going to expand capacity, the industry expects that the shortage will continue rather than oversupply due to the huge demand from Apple. Apple plans to introduce OLED panels to all iPhone models by 2019. This year’s introduction accounted for only 40%, but next year it is expected to double to 80% and 100% next year. 

LCD Panels for iPhone 7/7 Plus

Apple is expected to stick with LCD panels for its “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 7s Plus” models in 2017, while making use of the OLED screens in their new “iPhone 8.” The report indicates Apple will use three suppliers for the OELD panels, and orders will be portioned out and placed in the late Spring.

The iPhone 8 is rumored to feature an edge-to-edge OLED display, which will boast an integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor within the screen. While the display is widely expected to measure in at 5.8-inches, the primary “action are” is expected to measure around 5.15-inches, with the rest taken up by a “function row.”


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