How to Set the Music Volume Limit on an iOS Device

How to Set the Music Volume Limit on an iOS Device

Let’s face it, kids love listening to music on their iOS devices. But we worry about the possible damage to their fragile eardrums and hearing as a result of listening to that music way too loud.

Luckily, Apple offers a “Volume Limit” feature on their iOS devices to help prevent hearing loss from listening to music at a too loud level via headphones.

How to Set The Music Volume Limit For iOS Devices

How to Set the Music Volume Limit on an iOS Device

1.) Load the Settings app.

2.) Find the “Music” menu option, and tap it.

3.) Scroll down the “Music” menu until you see the “Volume Limit” menu option. Tap that.

4.) On the “Volume Limit” screen you’ll see a volume slider bar. Simply drag the volume slider to the maximum volume you want the device to output.

Now, a user of the device can only adjust the volume as high as the preset limit allows, protecting their fragile eardrums from damage.

(This “how to” is an update to the one we published back in 2012.)

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