Unicode 11 Preview Includes Frowning Poo and Caped Faces

Unicode 11 Preview Includes Frowning Poo and Caped Faces

If the happy poo emoji doesn’t fully let you express your full range of emotions, there is hope for you. It appears the Unicode 11 set of emojis, to be released in 2018, will also include a frowning pile of poo.

Yes, even though the new emojis from Unicode 10 have yet to be officially launched, we already have an idea of the new symbols that could make an appearance in Unicode 11.


While the new emojis of Unicode 10 have yet to launch, Unicode President Mark Davis this week revealed a collection of new emojis have been added as “draft candidates” for potential release in Unicode 11 in 2018 (via Emojipedia). The news came out of the quarterly Unicode Technical Committee meeting, and up next the Unicode Consortium will decide on the list of final candidates at its Q4 2017 meeting in October, followed by naming the new characters at a meeting in Q1 2018. 

There are 67 new characters proposed for inclusion in Unicode 11, including the frowning poo, a smiley face with three hearts, (when two just won’t do), a kangaroo, llama, bagel, softball, a smiling face with cape (super!), and a serious face with mask and cape (so batty!), plus many more.

As usual, all of this is subject to change, and not all of the proposed emoji might make the cut. So, don’t get too attached to any of the characters for now.

A full list of the 67 new emoji candidates in Unicode 11 can be viewed with a visit to Emojipedia.