tvOS 11 Firmware Leak Contains New Details About 4K Apple TV

tvOS 11 Firmware Leak Contains New Details About 4K Apple TV

The new tvOS 11 firmware is out and about, and reports indicate it contains some nice bits of information about what we might see from the fifth-generation 4K Apple TV, expected to be unveiled today at Apple’s iPhone event.


 As first mentioned on Twitter by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, the marketing name for the fifth-gen Apple TV — which is referred to as AppleTV6,2 — appears to be ‘Apple TV 4K’ to denote ultra high definition support. This marks the first time the Apple TV has received a modifier in the name. The Apple TV 4K name also suggests the current 1080p box will stick around presumably to maintain a lower price point.
Troughton-Smith also believes the Apple TV 4K will feature a “three-core A10 Fusion CPU and 3GB RAM” which will be a big jump from the A8 chip and 2GB RAM.

The leaked firmware also includes new 4K assets for Apple’s apps, including images for the “Top Shelf” feature on the new set top box.

The new Apple TV is widely expected to boast 4K HDR support, and the leaked firmware references the feature. Code references “HDR Modes,” and offers supporting comments such as, “Apple TV will choose the widest color range available. If you don’t see an option you expect, make sure Apple TV is plugged into a supported HDMI 2.0 port.”

The code also references Dolby Vision: “Get the best picture with better, brighter colors, We’ll make sure your HDMI cable is compatible before we turn on Dolby Vision.”

The code also refers to a new webpage on Apple’s support website,, which will likely be made live following today’s media event, or upon the official release of the fifth-generation Apple TV.

Also mentioned in the firmware code is AirPlay 2, featuring whole home audio, improved HomeKit support, and a new Siri Remote, possibly featuring Haptic Feedback and 3D Touch support.

The fifth-generation 4K Apple TV is expected to be unveiled during today’s iPhone event, which begins at 10:00a.m. Pacific time / 1:00p.m. Eastern time. We’ll report on all the happenings following the big event.