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Apple Offers ‘Plotagraph+ Photo Animator’ for Free Through Apple Store App

Apple Offers ‘Plotagraph+ Photo Animator’ for Free Through Apple Store App

Apple is offering a new free iOS app through its Apple Store app. Plotagraph+ Photo Animator is usually $4.99. The app gives users the tools to easily animate any image in minutes, creating a looping video or an animated PNG.

Apple Offers 'Plotagraph+ Photo Animator' for Free Through Apple Store App

How to Create a Plotagraph

• Tap the “+” icon to select a photo or tap the Camera icon to take a new photo
• Create an animation track by tapping and dragging in the direction you would like the animation to move
• Select the “Mask” tool to mask the area of the image you don’t want to animate
• Adjust your animation speed by tapping and dragging the speed bar
• Now share your Plotagraph! Simply save to your camera roll as a Video, Gif or Animated PNG with our easy custom presets


• Animation Tool
• Selection Tool
• Instant Playback
• Mask
• Eraser
• Crop Presets
• Anchor Points
• Pinch Zoom
• Social Sharing Presets
• Save to Camera Roll
• Gif Exports
• MP4 Exports
• Animated PNG exports
• Apple Pencil Pressure Sensitivity
• Real Time Animation Speed Control

Our intuitive interface allows for easy navigation among our animation tools, bringing your images to life in a few simple taps.

Key Benefits

• It’s easy, it’s fun and fast
• Increase Engagement on social media
• Bring your favorite photos to life
• All you need is an iPad and Plotagraph+
• Share seamlessly across social media and iMessages

Export Sizes

• GIF, aPNG – 600px
• MP4 – up to 1200px
• MP4 for camera roll – up to 1920px for most devices
• MP4 for camera roll – up to 1200px for iPhone 5S and iPad Air

To get the app for free, do the following:

1.) Make sure you have the free Apple Store app installed on your iOS device.

2.) Open the app, and tap the “Discover” tab at the bottom of the Apple Store app screen.

3.) Scroll down on the Discover screen until you see the Plotagraph+ offer. (You’ll have to scroll a bit.)

4.) Tap the offer graphic.

5.) Follow the prompts to go to the App Store app and redeem the code.

The offer ends on January 15, 2018. So far, it is reportedly working for users in the U.S. and U.K., no word on if the offer is available to users outside those two countries.