Apple TV Viewing Hours Jump 79% During March Quarter

Apple TV Viewing Hours Jump 79% During March Quarter

Video streaming viewing hours on the Apple TV took a considerable jump during the March quarter, as viewing hours skyrocketed 709% year-over-year.


By comparison, Roku hours were up 87 percent, said video AI platform Conviva, cited by TechCrunch. Roku, however, maintained the lead in total hours streamed — one billion — versus the Apple TV’s 256 million.

The video streaming industry in total reportedly is said to have seen hours grow by 114% to almost 5 billion. The data in the Conviva report includes data from CBS, Hulu, HBO, NBC, Turner, and Sky.

The report doesn’t go into details as what could have caused the leap in streaming. However, the Apple TV numbers could be have been helped by the September launch of the Apple TV 4K. The box offers 4K streaming, outputting HDR video that supports both Dolby Vision or HRD10. Apple sells and rents 4K versions of movies for the same cost as 1080p versions, which likely provided a boost.


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