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Apple Working on Wireless AR/VR Headset With 8K Displays

Apple Working on Wireless AR/VR Headset With 8K Displays

A Friday report from CNET claims Apple is working on a powerful augmented reality/virtual reality headset.

The company is working on a headset capable of running both AR and VR technology, according to a person familiar with Apple’s plans. Plans so far call for an 8K display for each eye — higher resolution than today’s best TVs — that would be untethered from a computer or smartphone, the person said.

The project, codenamed T288, is still in its early stages but is slated for release in 2020. Apple still could change or scrap its plans.

Instead of being tethered to a smartphone or computer, the headset would connect to a “dedicated box” via high-speed wireless technology called 60GHz WiGig.

The box, which would be powered by a custom Apple processor more powerful than anything currently available, would act as the brain for the AR/VR headset. In its current state, the box resembles a PC tower, but it won’t be an actual Mac computer.

And unlike with the HTC Vive, users wouldn’t have to install special cameras in a room to detect their location. Everything would be built into Apple’s headset and box, the person said.

Apple has become somewhat focused on augmented reality, following the launch of ARKit in iOS 11. Apple CEO Tim Cook has been quoted as saying augmented reality is more important than virtual reality.

CNET’s source says Apple is targeting 2020 as a possible launch date for the headset. Always keep in mind however, that any plans for a device like this is in the early stages of development and things could completely change, or the plans could simply be dropped.