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Exclusive: Hands-On with Feiyu Tech’s New G6 Action Camera Gimbal

Exclusive: Hands-On with Feiyu Tech’s New G6 Action Camera Gimbal

Hot off the National Association of Broadcasters show floor in Las Vegas, Nevada is Feiyu Tech’s newest action camera gimbal, the G6. It has all of the familiarity of their successful G5 model now with a big addition and multiple refinements.

Disclosure: Manufacturer supplied a sample at no cost. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The biggest addition to the G6 gimbal is its miniature screen. It shows what mode it is in and the battery level. Previously, the G5 had a series of lights that would blink to convey this information.

Its nice handle is coated in a soft rubber to make for holding it for long periods of time easier. I know that when covering red carpets and events around the world, the celebrity or event may not start for hours after arrival.

A 5000 mAh lithium ion battery is included in the kit and it packs enough juice for about eight hours of use. Its micro USB port on the side does double duty.

It can charge its internal battery from a wall charger or charge an action camera while in use. This saves from having to pack multiple action camera batteries.

The older G5 gimbal had an area for swapping weights, depending on which action camera was attached. This model does not have an area for removable weights, which is an interesting engineering trick that I appreciate.

While not officially released until early next week, it should be compatible with at least six brands of action cameras like the 4K from Yi Technology  and GoPro Hero 6 .

The Feiyu Tech G6 action camera gimbal includes a physical joystick to turn and tilt the camera. It includes several buttons to lock in on a point in space and two ports for mounting on a tripod.

Tap three times on the forward facing button to put move the action camera into a selfie mode. Double tap the button on the opposite twice to swing the camera back around.

Feiyu Tech’s iPhone app is not yet compatible with the G6 gimbal, though it should be updated on release day. Pricing wasn’t given but it should be similar to the G5.

This gimbal is for those that need to cover events for social media, snow boarders, skiers and anyone else who needs steadier looking video with an action camera. The build quality is better than the G5 and should be available directly on their website in about a week.