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Apple News App Features Special ‘Royal Wedding’ Section

Apple News App Features Special ‘Royal Wedding’ Section

Apple’s News app is going just as crazy over Saturday’s Royal Wedding as everyone else, offering a special section of the app devoted to the Prince Harry and Megan Markle nuptials.

Apple News App Features Special 'Royal Wedding' Section

While 9to5Mac reports U.K. versions of the News app are sporting a “Royal Wedding” tab which replaces the usual “Spotlight” tab. But, here in the U.S., you’ll have to do a little digging, but you can find the same information.

I found it on the “For You” tab, under the “Editors Picks” -> “Best Reads” section, as seen in the screenshots accompanying this article. The section boasts an absolutely royal-looking red and gold color scheme.

In the special section, there are such articles as “Why It’s Okay to Be Obsessed,” (WHEW! I was worried about that), a timeline of the major wedding happenings, a link to viewing options “if you cannot attend,” and much more.

Apple will likely continue to update the section right up to the time of the service, before abandoning it forever.

The Royal Wedding is scheduled for Saturday at Noon London time, which translates to “way too early for me to be up” in my local time zone.

The special section is just the latest of the experiments Apple has conducted in the Apple News app, as it has previously included special coverage of the Olympics, exclusive book excerpts, video content, and more.


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