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Apple Says All iPhone Replacement Batteries Are Now Available With No Delays

Apple Says All iPhone Replacement Batteries Are Now Available With No Delays

If you’ve been holding off getting your iPhone’s battery replaced as part of Apple’s discounted battery replacement offer, due to your local Apple Store not having the iPhone replacement batteries in stock, we have good news for you.


Apple has confirmed that “service inventory of all iPhone replacement batteries is now available without delay,” in an internal memo distributed to Apple Stores and its network of Apple Authorized Service Providers on April 27. The document was obtained by MacRumors from a reliable source. 

Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers can now order replacement batteries and receive them without an extended delay. However, not all Apple Stores or authorized repair shops will have them in stock right away.

Apple had previously announced that replacement power cells for certain iPhone models were in short supply, and that proved to be true, requiring some iPhone owners to wait for several weeks for their iPhone to be repaired and returned. However, Apple’s support website notes that the replacement process can still take up to five business days.

Apple lowered its fee for an out-of-warranty battery replacement for the iPhone 6 and newer models to $29 in the United States in late December. The move was part of an effort to dampen the outcry over Apple’s lack of transparency about how it slowed down older iPhones with worn batteries to prevent unexpected shutdowns. Similar discounts are available internationally, and the program runs until the ned of 2018.


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