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Grayshift Says it Has ‘Already Defeated’ iOS 12’s USB Restricted Mode

Grayshift Says it Has ‘Already Defeated’ iOS 12’s USB Restricted Mode

Apple’s upcoming iOS 12 mobile operating system introduces a “USB Restricted Mode” that defeats the unlocking efforts of device’s like Grayshift’s GrayKey box. However, the Grayshift claims it’s already developed a workaround for the iOS 12 feature.

iOS 12’s new USB Restricted Mode turns and iOS device’s Lightning port into a “charge only” interface, if the device hasn’t been unlocked during the last hour. This effectively defeats the unlocking capabilities of devices from Grayshift and other companies.

However, Motherboard reports Grayshift has told a forensic’s expert that they had “gone to great lengths” to future-proof their technology, and that they had “already defeated” Apple’s new safeguard.

“Grayshift has gone to great lengths to future proof their technology and stated that they have already defeated this security feature in the beta build. Additionally, the GrayKey has built in future capabilities that will begin to be leveraged as time goes on,” a June email from a forensic expert who planned to meet with Grayshift, and seen by Motherboard, reads, although it is unclear from the email itself how much of this may be marketing bluff. “They seem very confident in their staying power for the future right now,” the email adds.

Motherboard says a secondary source tells them that Grayshift had addressed the topic of USB Restricted Mode during a webinar several weeks back.

The publication’s sources didn’t share details on how Grayshift plans to get around Apple’s new port restrictions. So, it isn’t clear if the GrayKey box will be updated, or if a new solution will be manufactured by the company.

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