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New Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple Charges All Apple Watches Share the Same Defect

New Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple Charges All Apple Watches Share the Same Defect

The latest lawsuit to be filed against Apple is a class action suit that claims all models of the Apple Watch, from the original Series 0 to the latest Series 3 models, share a common defect. The lawsuit seeks damages of $5 million.

Patently Apple explains:

The Watches all contain the same defect and/or flaw, which causes the screens on the Watches to crack, shatter, or detach from the body of the Watch (the “Defect”), through no fault of the wearer, oftentimes only days or weeks after purchase.

The lawsuit alleges Apple was aware of the defect form the start, and has demonstrated a policy of not honoring warranty claims over the issue.

Apple knew that the Watches were defective at or before the time it began selling them to the public. Furthermore, consumers complained to Apple about the Defect almost immediately after Apple released the Series 0, Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 Watches.

Apple has actively concealed and failed to disclose the Defect to Plaintiff and Class members prior to, at, or after the time of purchase.

Further, Apple’s conduct, when confronted with the Defect, indicates that its internal policy is to deny the existence of the Defect, claim the Defect is the result of “accidental damage” caused by consumers, and then refuse to honor its Limited Warranty on those grounds.

Apple has acknowledged at least two issues with the Series 0 models, extending warranties to three years to cover swollen battery and detached back cover issues. The Cupertino firm also extended the warranty on certain Series 2 models that are afflicted with swollen batteries. A separate issue has also be covered for some Series 3 models that show visible stripe marks on the display.

I’m still using an original Apple Watch Series 0 and haven’t experienced this issue, my wife has a similar model and has also not experienced any problems. How about you? Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve had any issues that are related to this lawsuit.


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