Review: Deebot OZMO 601 – Cleaning your floors just got easier.

Review: Deebot OZMO 601 – Cleaning your floors just got easier.

Through my childhood, I watched a fair bit of The Jetsons – as we all did. It promised a future full of flying cars, instant meals, and a robotic maid to take care of household chores. So far, very little from that promise has been delivered. Lately, though, the rise in popularity of robot vacuums has started to move us towards the Rosie the Robot future we all dreamed of. The Deebot OZMO 601 checks two household tasks off the to-do list, taking care of both vacuuming and mopping without all the hassle.


The Deebot OZMO 601 ($379 on Amazon) is a slim, smart vacuuming and mopping robot from ECOVACS. Much like their entire series of robot cleaning robots, it is packed with sensors and advanced cleaning power to make your life just a little easier.

Using a pair of spinning bristles, the OZMO 601 pulls dust and debris into it’s brush, grabbing crumbs and dust bunnies out of corners or in hard to reach places. The brush and vacuum draw whatever they find into a small waste receptacle, which is easily accessed from the back.

Unlike the Deebot N79S we reviewed a few months back, this Deebot features the companies OZMO mopping advanced mopping system, which can intelligently add water to the mop cloth as needed for a consistent clean.

The OZMO 601 has a built-in battery and recharges on a small recharging pad, which can be placed under a table or couch to keep it out of the way (and away from pets or small children). Cleaning can be scheduled or started remotely through the ECOVACS app.

OZMO 601 Mopping

Maintenance is fairly simple, requiring you to empty the dust bin between cleaning cycles, and emptying the water reservoir after mopping. In the box are a pair of mop cloths, which should be changed or washed (they’re machine washable) as needed.


Rating: 4.5/5

Finding time to vacuum and mop can be challenging with the chaos of family meals, day jobs, messy kids, and the desire for leisure time. Having the Deebot OZMO 601 to clean takes away some of that burden, and allows you to live your life in a cleaner home. While robot vacuums and mops aren’t a replacement for more serious cleaning, they are great for intermittent jobs and quick mess cleanup.


  • Easy to setup and use
  • Efficient and convenient
  • Excellent for hard floors (wood, tile, laminate)
  • Low maintenance (with affordable replacement parts)
  • Discreet and fairly quiet


  • Not great for vacuuming thick carpet or dense rugs

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your in-home cleaning, check out the Deebot OZMO 601 today. It’s available for $379 on Amazon.

Disclaimer: The Deebot OZMO 601  was provided at no cost for review. All views, experiences, and opinions are my own.