Tired of Siri? Get Alexa on Your Apple Watch With ‘Voice in a Can’

Tired of Siri? Get Alexa on Your Apple Watch With ‘Voice in a Can’

If you’re less than satisfied with Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, on your Apple Watch, how about giving Amazon’s Alexa a shot at the crown? A new third-party app released last week brings Alexa to your wrist.


Voice in a Can is a third-party app that brings Alexa and some (but not all) of her features to your wrist. To use it, you’ll (obviously) have to connect your Amazon account to the $2 app. When you do, you can tap on its icon on your watch and instantly be connected to the virtual assistant to do pretty much anything you can do using an Echo.

There are limits on what Alexa on your wrist can accomplish, as reading audio books or playing music is out of bounds for now. However, you can use Alexa on the Apple Watch to control your smart lighting or other Alexa-compatible smart home equipment.

While quite a few things work with Voice in a Can, the developer warns you’ll come across some skills that don’t work.

Voice in a Can brings Alexa to your Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad. It works on your watch standalone, without needing your phone.

Not all content is supported, for example audio books, music, podcasts and some flash briefings.

When your screen goes blank on your watch it disconnects from the Alexa service, so we recommend increasing the app timeout on your watch. Also, the best results will be obtained when your watch is operating without your phone nearby because then it will connect directly to the internet and not use your phone to connect.

Voice in a Can is $1.99, and is available for the Apple Watch in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]