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Apple’s New ‘Memory’ iPhone X Spot Promotes Face ID’s Ability to Recall Passwords

Apple’s New ‘Memory’ iPhone X Spot Promotes Face ID’s Ability to Recall Passwords

Apple on Sunday uploaded a new iPhone X ad to its YouTube channel. The new spot is entitled “Memory,” and promotes Face ID, and its ability to recall and enter passwords for users on websites and in apps.

Remembering your password doesn’t have to feel like a memory challenge. With Face ID on iPhone X, your face is your password.

The ad spot set up is that of a overly dramatic “Final Answer” gameshow situation, with a lone contestant being quizzed in an arena filled with people. The final question: “This morning, you created an online banking password. What is it?”

The audience gasps at the unbelievable difficulty of anyone being able to answer a question such as that. The man begins fidgeting, sweating a bit, as he struggles to recall the new password. As he continues to struggle, the audience begins heckling him, adding to his stress.

Finally, the contestant whips out his iPhone X, using Face ID to scan his face. The device automatically inputs the password into the website password field, successfully completing the challenge.

The scene then changes to the real world, where the same individual is sitting in a coffee shop, where he makes a victorious gesture. The gameshow was all in his mind, as he struggled to remember his new password.

“Your face is your password,” is the tagline at the end of the ad spot.

Memory is just the latest in a series of ad spots promoting iPhone X features, such as Portrait Mode, Portrait Lightning, Animoji, and Face ID.

The new ad spot is available on Apple’s YouTube channel, and will also likely make appearances on television and various websites.


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