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ColorWare Debuts Customized Classic Apple IIe Design for AirPods

ColorWare Debuts Customized Classic Apple IIe Design for AirPods

ColorWare has debuted their latest customized AirPods offering, which sports a classic Apple IIe-inspired design, boasting a beige finish, with simulated vents, and a colorful pairing button recalling Apple’s famous logo used from 1977 to 1998.

What’s old is new again, again. ColorWare is excited to announce AirPods Retro. The Rainbow colored button and faux vents will have you reminiscing back to the 80s.

What’s the Retro look? It’s inspired by the Apple IIe, but with the sleekness and convenance of the current Apple AirPods. The putty color and faux vents add to the nostalgia without taking away any of the features of the current AirPods that you love.

Sadly, the company doesn’t currently offer customization of previously-purchased AirPods, so even if you already have a pair of the wireless earbuds, you’ll have to spring for a pair of these customized earphones.

ColorWare Debuts Customized Classic Apple IIe Design for Airpods


The limited edition AirPods Retro, as they are called, are inspired by the Apple IIe, which actually predates the original Macintosh by a year, but the computers shared a similar design with an iconic Pantone 453 finish. 

ColorWare purchases the AirPods directly from Apple, applies the custom paint job to both the AirPods and their charging case, and then repackages them in Apple’s original box with a Lightning to USB cable and documentation. 

The pricing is not for the faint of heart or the thin of pocketbook, as it’ll take a $399 chunk out of your bank account. That is more than twice the wireless earbuds’ usual $159 retail price. Shipping will take 3 to 4 weeks, depending on where you’re located.

Apple is expected to release second-generation AirPods at its upcoming September iPhone event.


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