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Digital Detox: How To Unplug During Your Vacation

Digital Detox: How To Unplug During Your Vacation

It’s the vacation season, and it’s time to “get away from it all.” However, for the last 10 years or so, no really does that, as they take all of their connected devices along for the trip. Here’s how to go on a “digital detox” when you go on vacation.

Photo by Conner Baker

Cellular coverage is better than ever, and you can even get decent Wi-Fi speeds on a plane at 35,000 feet. You are always connected. However, studies have shown that being “always connected” can take a toll on your mental and even physical health.

Here are a few ways to unplug while you’re on vacation. (Via CNET):

Announce your tech-free vacation: Tell colleagues, friends and family that you’ll answer their calls and emails when you return. If there’s a true emergency, they’ll figure out a way to get in touch with you.

Set realistic limits: There are certain situations where you may want your smartphone to help you find landmarks or restaurants. And who even owns a camera anymore? You don’t have to go cold turkey. You just have to decide which activities are OK for phone use — like allowing yourself to post vacation photos to Instagram once a day.

Create an internet-free zone: Put your phone in airplane mode. This will allow you to use it as a camera, music player or digital reader without being bombarded by emails, alerts and Facebook posts.

Hide it: Some people find that having a phone anywhere in sight is too tempting. The safest bet is to lock it in the hotel safe until you’re ready to leave for home.

Go analog: Remember books and magazines? Try reading one of them instead of what’s on your device. And bring some games the whole family can enjoy like Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Bananagrams or my family’s favorite, the classic 1990s word guessing game Taboo.

Get busy outdoors: Explore your surroundings, write in a travel journal, sample the local foods. You’re here to make memories, right?

The bottom line: Accept that you don’t always have to be available online. After all, isn’t that why you’re on holiday?

We’ll miss you while you’re gone, but we know you’ll return to MacTrast refreshed and ready to tackle the world again. Enjoy your vacation!


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