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Google Adds Morse Code Typing to Its Gboard App on iOS

Google Adds Morse Code Typing to Its Gboard App on iOS

Google has announced it has added support for Morse code typing to its Gboard app for iOS. The new feature offers an accessible method of communication for users with disabilities.


The customizable feature replaces the letters of the keyboard with large dot and dash keys to enter text, and offers text-to-Morse sequences to the auto-suggestion strip above the keyboard. 

Google also launched a Morse Typing Trainer web game designed to teach users how to use Gboard to communicate in Morse code.

In a post on the Google blog, assistive tech developer Tania Finlayson, who has cerebral palsy, explains how Morse code helps her to better communicate with others.

“At first I thought learning Morse code would be a waste of time, but soon learned that it gave me total freedom with my words, and for the first time, I could talk with ease, without breaking my neck. School became fun, instead of exhausting. I could focus on my studies, and have real conversations with my friends for the first time. Also, I did not need an adult figure with me every moment at school, and that was awesome.”

The Morse code feature is available in Gboard version 1.29, and is available as a free update and/or download for the iPhone in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]


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